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Memorial Day hike

I was able to hike with my daughter this morning at the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument just outside of Las Cruces. It was a beautiful morning with great views of the Rio Grande and Organ Mountains. Although I have made the hike before, it was especially nice this morning as my daughter has her Masters in Geology and was able to explain the science behind the beauty. E45C82A5-F0B1-4F4D-8F96-31ECEB7811C5.jpeg 5A20E178-0412-4948-9F00-70E48E5B2C73.jpeg 1FFB5744-7590-4215-B2F7-6DE07CB4D6BD.jpeg

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Now, that's cool!

As a science geek I always want to know about an area's geology; having a personal/family guide had to have made it memorable!



We went to the Saguaro National Park on Memorial Day. We took a few short hikes on trails and enjoyed the beauty of the cacti.

DSC_2224.jpg DSC_2233.jpg DSC_2236.jpg DSC_2239.jpg DSC_2262.jpg