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Howdy all...
Is this a site generated just cause we just can't get enough of straight razors, or was it because of disenchantment or something lacking with the other sites?
Do the members here get involved with the other sites, and if so, how many of them?
I like the look and feel of this site. Seems classy. I have been looking, but not playing much cause I just don't have the time to do all of the sites. Most of my time is at SRP.com. Once in a while I play at the yahoo sites, but the format drives me nuts. I get lost and can't seem to keep up with what is happening. Maybe it's my settings?
SMF.com seems cool too! And it looks like the "world" site disappeared. What are the thoughts here?
Hi Bill,

No disenchantment - just another option out there. I think you'll find that most members, myself included, follow multiple other shaving-related sites. Of course, this is the best of them :wink:
I'm with Scotto, Bill.

I still visit basically every shaving site but this is just my favorite option.

I read a helluva lot more than I post, though, regardless...:blushing:
I personally hate the yahoo message board format. It's really confusing and disorganized in my opinion. Many members here are members of other forums like shavemyface.com or straightrazorplace.com

It's free to join. You can learn, teach others, and expand your knowledge.
Greetings Bill!

I really enjoy the atmosphere at B&B - a great group of guys. You'll find a vast amount of knowledge resides here without the pretentiousness. I also enjoy frequenting SRP for the same reasons.

Take care,
Howdy Bill,

Not much to add, but a ditto to everyone else. I think all of the boards have their own unique feel and atmosphere, and that kind of diversity/variety is a plus (at least to me). I primarily post here, but I check all of the sites on a near-daily basis.

It's just like the four or five gun forums that I frequent regularly (out of the dozens that are out there). Sure, the end result of the object of discussion is a loud bang and hurtling lead, but there is just soooo much more to it than that, that the discussions and debates could go on forever.

Welcome aboard by the way!

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