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Member of photography forums?

Hi. Just wanted to know if anyone here is also a member of any photographic communities. I've been a member of ThePhotoForum for some time now, myself, and post pictures for critique regularly, and try to help those I'm able to help. Great place.

Any others that dwell over there? Or maybe at other forums?

I'm registered at ThePhotoForum but rarely post there. I just registered at apug.org (analog photography users group). I have not posted a lot, but I'm finding it very helpful. I'm also a member of film-photography.org.

I find that I like film dedicated forums more than ones focused on digital for some reason
The most useful web site/forum for me, has been The Luminous Landscape ( http://www.luminous-landscape.com/index.shtml ) Many of the participants are either professionals or very sophisticated hobbyists so there is a terrific knowledge base. The equipment reviews/discussions tend to be high end, but sometimes useful in terms of learning about some of the technical aspects. I do my own printing (inkjet) have had some very good help from some of the participants. They also have some excellent tutorials for sale.

APUG is terrific and encyclopedic if you are into film, and Photo.net is quite useful and civil.
I also frequent www.rangefinderforum.com

Great place for information on, surprise, rangefinders. Also lots of knowledge on developing and wet printing, of which I'm in the learning phase. I've read several articles on Luminous Landscape, and sometimes stumble in on old threads at photo.net when I do some searches. But TPF is where I hang most often.
I was long ago. It was fun. They're all the same. You have everyone with an opinion, most of which don't know squat. Then, you have equipment junkies that always tell me I can do better if I get the latest gadget.
I have been a member of PentaxForums.com for a while. It is an outstanding and very helpful site for all things Pentaxian. It is a very friendly and extensive site not unlike B&B.


I'm scared to join one!
I joined this place 4 years ago simply to find out how to use one straight. Now look at me- a box full of razors, brushes and the like, a hankering for saddleback that won't let go and TWO cameras in 6 months. [-(
My main one is called TMBO, an invite-only site. I joined at least one other photography-related site, but it's not in my bookmarks here at work.
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