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Mega-PIF 2 - Electric Boogaloo!


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My shaves are so good...sounds like the start of a joke, right? Well...this is no joke! I've recently made a few acquisitions that have taken my shaves to another level. Consequently, it's time to let some things go that might get little or no use from me in the future.

First a ground rule that did not apply to the first Mega-PIF. You have to have been a Badger and Blade member for at least three months and have 100 or more posts under the user ID you're entering under. I noticed at the end of the last Mega-PIF that there were a couple of User Profiles that entered that were brand spanking new...that's a no-go this time around. I think that's fair.

Second...like the last Mega-PIF...this one is also open to members outside of the United States. I decided not to include any aftershaves in this one as the post office doesn't like to ship them. So, plenty of good soaps, but...no aftershave this time. But there are some aftershave balms!

With all of this in mind, just like last time...if you're entering the PIF, please start your post with: "I'm in!" and then after stating that, type in whatever else you might like to say.

One other note...like last time...all of the soaps and balms you're seeing are Brand New - Never Been Used: BN-NBU !!! The razors on the other hand have all been used quite a bit but are all in excellent condition.

First the picture...then the explanation of what's in the picture!


First up soaps! BN-NBU !!!

Fine Fresh Vetiver
Fine American Blend
Fine Platinum
Stirling Satsuma
Stirling Evie
Chiseled Face Black Rose

Next up sample packs! BN-NBU !!!

Captain's Choice full sample packs of their Shave Creams and their Aftershave balms!

Inside of both the creams and balms packages can be found the following Captain's Choice scents:

Bay Rum
Land Ho!
45th Parallel

Now for the hardware:

Karve Brass OC Plate B with a Karve Brass 4" handle. Also included will be a Karve Brass SB plate B.
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth
RazoRock Mamba 70 with the long titanium handle

I'm not apologizing here...I'm just saying...these shave implements are first class and I've used them. You can clean them up. They are undamaged. They will not come with the original packaging.

This PIF will run until next Monday morning, May 3rd, at which time I will use the same Random.org method of selecting a winner. Best of luck to those of you who are interested and enter.

Thank you all for your continued support and membership to Badger and Blade. The input I've received here over the last couple of years has been invaluable.

You might ask, why Electric Boogaloo? It rhymes with PIF 2...that's why.

No one who enters this PIF after Monday morning, May 3rd, 2021, will be eligible. Now a word from Irving Cohen about the importance of being on time.

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Probably not Al Bundy
Respectfully not in as I have waaaayyyy too much gear...

I think the last time you did this I paraphrased Saddam Hussein and called it "The Mother of All PIF's" So, wow, what metaphor do I now use to describe this one? This PIF is RIDICULOUS as the kids say......

Very generous sir, most commendable. Tip of the hat....

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Amazing PIF ! Not in since I’m a bit too fresh (and also don’t tend to visit this forum too often... somehow it misses my postings of SOTD ... I promise to improve lol)
Someone will be insanely lucky to get all those goodies!
I'm in. I've been wanting to try that Satsuma. Looks like I just barely made the 100 posts mark. lol. Thanks for the chance.
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