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Meet Bernard My 95 Year Old Friend

Excellent interview, thanks for sharing it.

"Inventions have made life easier but people have not changed for the better." Is so very true.
Very good read, it puts certain things in perspective. One thing I am curious about (shavewise) is how much shaves an original wet shaver does on a blade. I guess quite a lot more than the typical 2 to 6 of the forum crowd.
Such a grate read,
folks back then were real gents and I'm not saying that there is no more of that but it is a rare "find" now a days
I'm glad I read that. It left me feeling inspired. I love drawing inspiration from older gentlemen and hearing about their experiences. Thanks for this Jim.
What a great read. It's nice that there are still things one can do which out grandfathers did. A great connection to the past. Bernard sounds like a gem of a man.
I'm glad I've read that. A man of Bernard's ages is a great opportunity for us to internalize knowledge proven by years if not to say decades. His opinion is valuable at least because he's able to compare modern trends to the ones of the past. Such a comprehensive review is only available when some thoughtful person like Jim meets some elderly yet purely sane person like Bernard. So my thanks to both of them for such a fascinating mental journey to the erstwhile times while discussing topical themes.
Jim , I was thinking of the original post you wrote on Bernard a day or two ago , how nice that was to read . I am glad I stumbled upon this one to re read .. Thank you.
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