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Medium razor recommendations

Hello there... Could any of you fine gentlemen recommend a decent medium aggressive razor?
I use mild razors paired with sharp blades ie. Henson medium/KCG/Yaqi mellon with feather/bic/Gillette yellow blades.
I bought a 100 GSBs after all the great reviews but they seem to be tugging in these razors, so I'm thinking upping the aggressiveness might help.
I live in Australia & I'm after something super affordable & happy to order from AliExpress. Thanks
Not sure you have bought your razor yet but I would just buy the Yaqi The final cut adjustable razor on Ali and you will not get a better deal than that and it will have all the settings a person would need and the shaves are very good and is affordable + people like it a lot IMO.


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Affordability is challenging. IME a razor that had several plate options may, in the long run, be the better choice. I have an Above the Tie Windsor, and a variety of plates are available. The new MR or RH options are intriguing. I would suggest the medium plate if one is still available. Sadly, they are not particularly affordable. If, however, they work, they are more affordable than trying other razors that do not have the option of multiple base plates. New plates for an ATT are not very expensive. It is probably similar for other plate system razors.


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