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Medical Professionals PIF Now PIFFIER, see post #30.


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As a way to show my appreciation to one group of the many heros of the world, I present a small PIF to say thank you to all our Medical Professionals.

You'll get a Doctor vintage shaving mug, a vintage butterscotch badger brush and stand, a sample of St. Charles Shave Old Spice soap (unobtainium), a tuck of GSBs, and finally, a Razorock Gamechanger .84 OC with carrying case.

To enter: You must either be a medical professional or know someone who is in the profession you'd want to gift it to! Honor system rules, as always. Just say I am in and you can share a way a medical professional has helped your life, if you choose. Stories are not required to win! Lastly, if you are a current Contributor to the forum, You will get two entries.

I will let this run about two weeks. Let's keep it light and fun! Best of luck to everyone and Thanks for being part of B&B.
I'd like to be in. My father is a Dr. running his small clinic in a small town for somewhere around 39 years. As a kid in the 80's we could watch him use his 1971 Super Adjustable with canned Edge gel every morning. He finished with Old Spice. The razor and blades were always hands off, but we could play with his gel as long as we didn't waste too much. He stopped using a DE sometime in the 90s because of a lack of time in the mornings---he had to take three kids to three different schools plus his drive to work since he practices in one town and we lived in another. I've been suppling him with carts and disposables for a few years now when I catch them cheap online. I throw in a can of Barbasol every so often.

I was talking to them Thursday and my mother was fussing because he's shaving less with the pandemic going on. He only does it 2 or 3 times a week for Zoom meetings because he's wearing a mask most of the time. Their anniversary is coming up next month and it would make a nice surprise present for him if he wins. He showed some renewed interest a few months ago when I had a tub of Cella delivered in one of their orders.

Thanks for the opportunity.
I'm in.

I am a pediatric infectious diseases physician with a sub-subspecialty in respiratory viruses, so you can imagine how many questions I get each day. I also volunteered to do Occupational Health for my large practice group about 5 or 6 years ago; that job was really easy until about April of last year, lol.

I am really thankful that children have not been as severely affected as adults have, so as a pediatric hospital we haven't had so much of ICU patients and worse. Still, it's been a very busy last 10 months or so for me.

Thank you for your generosity.
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