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Mech Mod Just Arrived

First mech mod just arrived, only 24hrs in but really enjoying it.
I've been loving my little $6 dripper for six months or so and was wanting a tube mech to stick it on. Splashed out $7 on the mech mod with three different sized battery tubes and am a happy camper. Thinking I might pick up another of the same so I can have two different sizes on the go at once and some spare parts.
Next on the menu is an 18350 battery for it, would be nice to have a tiny set up for some short ventures out and mainly as I think it will look cool with the tiny dripper.

After using regulated variable devices for 9 months I was expecting to be left lacking running my usual 0.5-1.5 builds on it but it's vaping away just fine on 0.5&1.2 so far. Once I've gotten used to it I will probably chuck some lower builds on just to see what it can do.
$IMG_20160130_200013~3.jpg $IMG_20160130_195721.jpg

The shiny brass finish, seen on the smaller tubes, is not really to my tastes but after a day of vaping on the big one the finish has settled down comfortably. I still need to adjust the pins a little to get everything sitting flush but it has new toy status at the moment and I'm constantly messing around with it.

Glad I tried a mech mod, I appreciate the simplicity. If they can be likened to the straight razor of the shaving world then I'm rocking a Gold Dollar.

~£10 mod/dripper combo cheered up my day
Six weeks of daily usage, I love it.

Decided I needed a change and put the Velocity mini on it today, ok but back to the Derringer tomorrow.

My Coolfire IV is now a neglected backup I haven't touched in weeks.
Very nice setup. I have a couple of Derringers that I haven't picked up in a bit, I should throw a build in one soon! That Caravela looks very nice as well. You should pick up a brass top cap and drip tip to complete the look!
Thanks, I tried a brass drip tip and it looked a bit odd, might try a brass top cap for the Derringer and see if that helps but I'm pretty happy with it as is.
Switched to 18350 mode for the past few days. I like the low profile, 10ml juice for scale. I had an even patina with 18650 and after 15 mins of Brasso action with the 18350 set up it still looks like a frankenmod.
$IMG_20160407_003950.jpg $IMG_20160407_003904.jpg
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