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MDC Monday

Needed a good face and head shave , 3-4 days.
Hot shower, then applied some noxema cream for a while, which was rinsed w cold water.
MDC Rose, whipped w a Yaqi Sagrada Familia.....very good lather.
Three pass shave to the head with an Executive Gillette set at #7 (2nd use for me) blade: Vikings Sword 6th use.
This was a no drama shave, no irritation and very smooth.
Next, same lather to the face.
Razor: Schick repeater open comb, blade Schick chick 2nd.
I usually do 2 passes but today needed 3 passes to get a really close shave....I have NOT mastered this razor at all....but with some buffing on the 3rd pass, the results were fantastic.
Medicated witch hazel.
AS Speick
AS balm: Aquavelva 5-1.

I like soaps that give me three passes to the head and face without having to re-load. If I run out *usually some natural hair brush*, I will use another brush and soap for face. Hence why I like MDC...easy to lather and creates a voluminous lather.
Good start to the week.
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