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McVeyMac Straight Journal

I am Still using the 7/8" BRW daily with maintenance honing after each shave. I estimate that I have approximately 98 shaves on this razor, and it is still going strong. I have slightly modified my shave from a 3 pass shave to a two pass with an extra application of lather on the problem parts and doing only these in the third direction. Still doing a water cleanup. Shaves are all very good indeed, with the overwhelming majority of them being BBS+ and even have had a few grail shaves mixed in. The only razor I have used other than the BRW is the Feather DX and sometimes the ATT H2 when traveling.

Christmas here is frigid but nice as the entire family is here warming our hearts.
Merry Christmas, Walt! Hope you and yours are well. Great to hear from you!

Thanks Chris, I hope all is well with you and your family.

Merry Christmas to you as well! Looking forward to catching up with you!

Thanks Tom

Merry Christmas Walt, we miss you hope you had a blessed Christmas!

It has been a great few days so far Dave. I hope you and yours are doing well.

Merry Christmas to YOU.

Thank you Chris. Looking forward to catching up in your Journal. I sopped in some weeks ago, and saw you made a mention of me using raw Shea Butter as an after shave treatment, but I did not have time to get into it with the conversation. Yes, in fact I do use raw Shea Butter after the shave. It is easy to apply too much, and it takes a little while to absorb. I use Village Shea Butter that I get from Amazon, and it is of very good quality indeed. I do not use this for my soap making as the expense is fairly high for this purpose. But a lb. goes a long way when you only use a small dab of it every day. I place some on my left wrist and allow my body heat to soften and melt it, and apply only a small amount over the shaven areas. I follow with some alcohol based after shave, and I think this helps to dilute the oil some and enhance absorption by the skin as well. I love the way it makes my skin feel, but luckily I do not have oily skin.

Merry Christmas Walt!
Great to hear from you!

Thanks Craig, I hope your Christmas is going well for you and yours.
Merry Christmas Chad! I hope that you and the family had a wonderful Christmas. That is your number one job you know, making sure that happens.

Thanks Walt. When my son wakes up at midnight and comes in and asks if we can call Santa and ask him to come again for the morning I'd call that a success. Lol.
Thanks for the Shea butter tutorial. I am finding that it can get heavy pretty quickly and a little can go a long way. I absolutely need to put on a high alcohol Aftershave after using it otherwise I feel a bit to greasy.
Well Craig (@clyde72), all is very well on this end. Everything except that for some reason I was not getting email notifications.

Nothing much to report on the shaving side of things other than I am still using the 7/8" BRW almost daily. The only other razor I have used other than the BRW is the AC DX while on travel, or the ATT SE2 (version 1) when I am in a hurry. I estimate that I have well north of 140 shaves on the BRW, and I am continuing the daily maintenance on it with the Ark. Some days I do skip the maintenance, but I typically double up the laps the next shave. I have been so busy at work over the past six months that I have gotten into the habit of not shaving on the weekends. This makes the day feel a little less like a work day for me. Any way, I would certainly have had more shaves on the BRW had I not fallen into this habit.

At my youngest grandson's 3 yr. birthday celebration, my son and daughter in law announced that they are expecting another baby. So I now have two grandchildren on the way. My daughter is expecting a little girl, and the other one is going to remain a surprise.

I am getting to the point where I will have to start thinking about making another lot of shaving soap. I still have not consumed the remainder of Beta 1.1. Beta 1.3 is still around as well, but I do not like the performance of that soap nearly as much as the other lots. I just have not had time for much of anything other than work and family stuff. I am hoping to get back into the habit of stopping by here though.
Great to hear from you Walt!
Congrats on the new grandchild.

So how is your grandson making it with the straight?

Thanks for the congrats Craig. The grandson is using the straight sometimes, and is getting along ok with it. Around March 8 or so, we were all in MD visiting my son and his family, and celebrating my youngest grandson's 3rd birthday. He did not bring any shaving gear, and wanted to know if he could borrow mine. I carry the ATT H2 and the Feather AC DX when I travel. I was afraid to turn him loose on the DX, so I loaded a feather blade into the H2 DE. I told him that the razor was likely the sharpest and most aggressive DE on the planet, and a very light touch was required. Well, he gave himself a nasty cut under his nose. I tried to tell him, but some lessons are best learned on your own. Now he knows what light touch means.

Super Great to hear from you Walt!!

Thanks Rich, I hope all is well with you and yours.

Hey Walt, congrats on the grand kids. And great to hear from you.

Thank you Chris, I hope all is well in Atlanta.

awesome to hear about the upcoming additions to the family Walt!!

Thank you Josh!

Happy Easter to all.
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