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It is evening now and I am still rocking a DFS+. My neck trouble spots have never been this close. I chalk it up to later, razor, and, blade. Just a great shave today. The Fatip lo Storto Gentile may not be my favorite razor, but, it is a work horse. One more shave in Slantember with it, then on to the Karve or Rex Ambassador. Either way I am going to do stick with whichever one for at least a week if not longer.

First day of OCtober

I usually loathe open comb razors. The last one I own is the .78 plate of my Timeless bronze. I have used the plate so little and left it on the sink for so long it was tarnished pretty bad. I polished it in advance for today's shave, but, it still needs work. Today I paired the unobtainium blade 2 on shave 7 into the Timeless and got the smoothest most comfortable shave I have ever had with an open comb. DFS+ close as I get to BBS.

What does it mean? Technique improved? Well probably and I shaved steep as I am want to do. There was blood and the alum and after shave stung, but, during the shave I could barely tell which plate I was using. I think in the past I tried to shave to shallow. I don't know if I will use it for the whole month, but, I can try, and, it won't be hard.

Second day with B&M Reserve Fern. Great lather again today, but, still over loaded and got too much. This stuff is slick and smells great. A new favorite.

OCtober 3rd

Great line up today. Fine Lavender Pour Homme soap is great and doesn't smell like an old lady's purse. I really wish it was still produced. I have three sets of it though so it should last me. Really surprised about the open comb. I always got terrible shaves with them, but, the last three days have been irritation free. Today no blood. I guess I really was running them too shallow. Today's shave was so good. 9.7/10 DFS+.
OCtober 4th

Fourth shave of OCtober. Second day with this line up. Just changed the brush. Three pass shave produced DFS+ 9.7/10.

A steep angle with an open comb makes all the difference. I have had such close comfortable shaves that I decided I wanted a good vintage OC. I was watching a New De Luxe Tuck Away, but, when I tried to bid at the last second the page timed out. Did I get discouraged? No I hit BST and purchased a chromium New De Luxe Criterion from a fellow member. These get compared against RFB's and, in the opinion of some are superior. I have never used either, but, I am looking forward to it. I'll have two razors for OCtober now. I also ordered two used SOC brushes to.take part in SOCtober as well. One is a boar, and, the other is a finest badger. Pretty sure both are cherry wood. I'll be glad to get a few more brushes. Right now I have two nice badgers, one budget two band, and, one proraso boar by omega. My collection is growing.

OCtober 6th

I noticed some ichiness lathered again today. First it was Hallows, then Lavender Pour Home from Fine, and, now Reserve Fern. I am wondering if it is PAa tube 2.0. I am going to skip it for the next few shaves and see if it is the preshave or the soaps. I will shave with all three and see. I kind of hope it is tube and cube. these are some of my favorite soaps. I'll be sad if I'm allergic to something. I have used these soaps for some time and had no reaction that I remember.

The shave itself was great though I pushed to get as close to BBS as I get. WTG, XTG, XTG in the other direction, then ATG and touch ups and buffing. Post shave stung, but, I was rewarded by a smooth face and DFS+ on my neck swirls and jawline. This reinforces for me that I get my best shaves with this razor on two or more days growth. I would shave twice daily if I could get away with it.
OCtober 7th

I shaved with Fern today without the Tube preshave. No itchiness. I still have to try Hallows and Lavender Pour Homme. I would rather it was a fluke all around as I like Tube and just got a fresh Cube. If it is the preshave I will PIF what I have to a friend, and use A&E Slick Stick or none. Either way, today's shave was glorious. I really pushed it and achieved as close to BBS as I have ever come on my neck. It is very smooth even over my swirls. My face is a solid DFS. I did four passes on my face and Five on my neck plus touch up. I wasn't paying attention to my face, or, it could have been really close to BBS, something I have never achieved that I can remember.

I really like B&M's reserve. I guess it is going away, but, I hope they keep the scents of the Reserve line, at the least Fern. The Polsilver Stainless blade performed admirably yet again for it's 12th shave. The last one started tugging about now, so far in the Timeless no signs of degradation, but, the Timeless didn't have problems with the blade, it was in the Fatip lo Storto Gentile that was a problem. Still I am still tripping on being able to comfortably use a open comb without cutting myself all up. I have the Gillette New De Luxe on the way because I thought it was a Short Comb. Catching up on the BOSC thread and threads linked from there I relized my mistake. I went straight to eBay and found a very clean New Short Comb with the correct cap for 50 shipped. I think it is fair. It looks very good. If I like the shave I will probably have it replated. I will be comparing the New De Luxe and New Short Comb side by side for a week.
Yesterday's shave was a quick CCS that wasn't worth posting about. Today's shave was a lot better. DFS+. My neck is super smooth in places, but, I could have done better touch ups in places. The New De Luxe Criterion comes today so I'll clean it up and shave with it tomorrow. Wedensday my New Short Comb and Wolfman WR2 1.15 head will get here. I'm done buying razors for a while. I am going to wait to use the Wolfman till next month. Might squeeze in a few Wednesdays. We'll see.

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OCtober 10th

FS Manchurian 26mm
Old Spice uber lather
Captain's Choice Copper Bowl
Gillette New De Luxe Criterion
Wizamet Polsilver Stainless (15)
Witch Hazel
Nivea Sensitive Balm + Hyaluronic Acid
Shulton Old Spice

DFS+ hardly any stubble in a few places on my neck and soul patch. Damn near BBS. Great first run on the New De Luxe. Paired well with the unobtainium blade. Just a really great shave. The uber lather was a good idea. Improved on the old spice shave and added some residual slickness. I got my best old spice lather yet.

I really like this razor. Great shaver. I'm going to enjoy this week. Next week is the New Short Comb. I expect to love it too. When I ordered the Short Comb I had a little buyers remorse for the De Luxe, but, now that I've used it I can say with out a doubt it was a good purchase. I have said this many times, but, this really is as close as I have ever come to a BBS. I am looking forward to this week.


IMG_20211009_145228.jpgC 1930 Criterion chomium.jpg

SOC-OCtober 11th

PAA Mentholated Cube
SOC Ash Wood Finest Badger
CC Copper Bowl
Cyril R. Salter Soap
Gillette New De Luxe Criterion
Wizamet Polsilver Stainless (16)
Witch Hazel
Nivea Sensitive Balm + Hyaluronic Acid
Vintage Yardley After Shave & Cologne

DFS+ 9.8/10

Great shave. Much like yesterday, but, without the small amount of irritation and nick. Light stubble in my problem areas, but, still remarkabley smooth. This is a great shaver and pairs well with the unobtainium blade. Which I might add is still sharp and smooth at 16.

As close as the shave is I want to improve my technique. I would like to achieve a true BBS. I imagine I need to work on my strokes and skin stretching. Especially around my mouth. Hard as well, but, I am getting better.
SOC-OCtober 12th

Face wash with PAA Mentholated Cube
PAA The Tube as preshave
SOC Cherry Wood Boar
P&B Star Noir Soap
Gillette New De Luxe Criterion
Wizamet Polsilver Stainless (17)
Hyaluronic Acid + P&B Post Shaving Lotion
Minotaure EdT

DFS+ so close, but, still not BBS. 9.8/10

I have been trying to take the advice from BOSC posts in several threads. To that end I today tried taking longer quicker strokes. I ended up with a nick on my nose and a few weepers on my chin and soul patch, but, those areas are smooth. While the alum stung a bit, it was still a smooth comfortable shave. This really is as close to BBS as I have ever come. Much better than even yesterday, which was already good. I have to hunt for the stubble. It is improbable achieving a true BBS on my neck in the spots the hair grows up diagonaly towards my ears. It is very hard trying to make this spot on my neck flat as the trouble stubble is in a hollow area and the razor hangs on skin when I try an ATG stroke there quickly. There is a spot where the razor just leaves hair. Admittedly there is less hair today than usual, but, it is still there. I don't know how to stretch this area effectively.

In other news my Gillette New Short Comb arrived today. have been wanting one of these for a long time. It will be a little difficult to wait until Sunday to try it, but, I said I wanted to give each of these razors a week of shaves at least. . I have other razors on the way, but, I want to finish the month with these too razors. The De Luxe is giving me better shaves than my Timeless Bronze .78. I have been wanting to try a rigid razor, so I am really look forward to the Short Comb.

OCtober 13th

Face wash in the shower with PAA Mentholated Cube
PAA The Tube as preshave
Captain's Choice Copper Bowl
Rudy Vey B&B LE 2019 Manchurian
WK/PP Timmermann Soap, Toner, Splash, and Balm + Hyaluronic Acid

Damn near BBS 9.8/10

Well I let myself be swayed by my desire to try the New Short Comb and peer pressure. Yesterday's shave with the De Luxe was so close, I wanted to see if a rigid blade could help me achieve a BBS. For it's first shave the New SC did better. I think once I get some shaves under my belt I might just make it. Like yesterday, I really have to hunt to find the lightest stubble. A less honest man would call it BBS and that would be it. I want to do better. I intially missed a few places, and, had to go back after the shave to touch it up. I did cut myself a few times trying to make long quick strokes. The short is I like the short comb and will finish the month with it. My Wolfman WR2 1.15 arrived today and I cleaned it up. It will sit until November 1st so I can focus on the SC.
OCtober 14th

Shower with PAA Mentholated Cube
Preshave with PAA The Tube
Captain's Choice Copper Bowl
Shavemac 26/54 Fan
Gillette New Short Comb
Wizamet Polsilver Stainless (19)
ZM No 1 Soap and Splash
Nivea Sensitive Balm + Hyaluronic Acid

Not as close today as the rest of the week. I guess my technique today could have been better. Alum feedback was pretty intense from buffing and I still didn't get all the stubble. Had one weeper. Oh well that is why I am sticking with this razor for the rest of the month.

DFS 8.5/10

SOC-OCtober 15th

Face wash with PAA Mentholated Cube in the shower
A&E Slick Stick
SOC Ash Wood Finest Badger
CC Copper Bowl
Gillette New Short Comb 4 passes
Wizamet Polsilver Stainless (20)
Wolfman WR2 1.15 clean up pass
Feather One and done.
A&E Which One's Pink soap and splash
A&E Post-shave Serum + Hyaluronic Acid

I did a four pass shave with the New Short Comb. WTG, XTG, XTG, ATG. That part of the shave was good. Smooth. DFS. I should have been happy with that. Did I stop? No, no I did not.

The new WR2 1.15 SB was sitting there giving me dirty looks, and, seemed to be saying, "You can't wait 16 more days. Try me, I won't bite." That alone was not a mistake necessarily. Did I use my unobtainium blade in the Wolfman? Was I smart? No, I was not smart. In fact I was stupid. I've read that Wolves like feathers. Bad idea. It was smooth. Very smooth as I cut my face off. I have never liked feathers. I'm putting that tuck away again till I know the razor.

So the Wolfman bit me. A lot. I did one clean up pass ATG. The styptic pencil got a work out today. So how were the results from my Clean up pass? Still DFS. I still have light stubble around my mouth and to the right of my Adam's apple. I cut myself so bad, I didn't want to play anymore. Now I am not a stranger to big gaps. It hasn't been that long since I used the G plate of my Karve. When I do use it again I will be using either the unobtainium blade or Wizamet Super Iridium. Blades I know. I will use my best soap. Not that Which One's Pink is a slouch. My lather was perfect drippy yogurt goodness that smelt like money. Still I want all other variables familiar and top performers.

What do I think of the New Short Comb? To early to say, but, for some reason it is taking me longer to get used to than the De Luxe. They aren't that different, but, the balance and weigt distribution is more to my liking on the De Luxe. By the end of the month I might think differently. I need to find my way. Today I tried a more neutral angle instead of my usual steep. Results were better yesterday, and, even better the day before. I'll give it a fair shake. I am not a patient man as was demonstrated today. I want instant shaving gratification. I may be a fool. I know one thing though. Once I get to know the Wolf I just might achieve BBS. The left side of my neck is smooth. Yeah I cut myself, but, it is baby bottom smooth. If I can do it on one side I can do it on the other. Then I just need around my mouth.

The Polsilver Stainless performed great today again. I don't know I have ever put twenty shaves on a blade before. Still just as smooth and sharp as always. I'm just not comfortable with the Short Comb yet. Going back to a steep angle tomorrow. I will shave with only the New. I don't need any more variables till I get to know it.

DFS+ 8/10
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