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maybe age doesnt matter.. my thoughts after smelling many aftershaves

Even though I'm new to wet shaving this year I have tried a decent amount of aftershaves and smelled to many to remember lol. Here is my 36 year old opinion on different aftershave scents.

Nivea and lucky tiger both were nice mild citrus scents. I liked both the balms but I head shave and have oily skin so balms leave me too oily. if I didn't need an alcohol based aftershave I would use these two more often.

FINE- Platinum- awesome scent, smells like aventus
grey vetiver- another good scent, pretty universal to me
L'orange noir- good citrus woodys scent. good example of hermes
barbershop- I liked it better then I thought I would. I rank it as ok
green vetiver- I didn't care for
santal- not for me
lavender- also not for me

Stirling- sharp dressed man- great example of GIT.
bay rum- found out I don't like bay rum
stirling gentleman- not for me
island man- smelled too girlie
dunshire- smelled close to ADG

Captains choice- Lime- ok to me, has a bay rum kick to it. I'm not into bay rum

chiseled face- bananas- smells like bananas, way to fruity for me though
ghost town barber- on the fence, unique scent, still deciding
Sherlock- liked a lot. reminds me on burberry London
cryogen- smells like icey hot. enough said

blackship grooming- captains pipe- wow smells like pipe but to over powering for me
I liked a couple of blackships other aftershaves but cant remember which ones .

mickey lee- kracken- decent scent
grand Havana- couldn't smell much. needed stronger scent
drunken goat- oatmeal cookie not for me

Maggards- tobacco and leather- smelled like a new leather couch, didn't smell tobacco
maggards other scents were nice just not for me though

I smelled a lot of aftershaves at maggards so I'm sure there are lots of them that I forgot. ill add if they come to me. maggards was a great store and great people working there. it was definitely worth going there. I highly recommend them.

My top 5 as of now
1. fine platinum
2. stirling sharp dressed man
3. chiseled face Sherlock
4. fine grey vetiver
5. fine l'orange noir

IMO, your experience range is far too narrow!
what about traditional Aqua Velva, Clubman, Skin Bracer?
What about AOS new balms, such as lemons, lavender?
Or, the amazing Floids? Myrsols? Cellas? Prorasos? Speicks?
So many great options! Explore and enjoy!
You really should check out some PAA aftershaves. I have Dapper Doc's and Tombstone, and they are two of my all time favorites
As you sample different AS and find which ones you prefer, pay attention to the ingredients. For me, scent is one component I consider: skin toning and conditioning are the other two. When you find ones that best tone and condition your skin, look for others with similar ingredients. Happy hunting!

Ad Astra

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Smell is one thing; it should "do" something as well ... i.e. face food; help or moisturize in some way.

At this point I automatically add 15 drops of glycerin to any alcohol-only aftershave (such as the Pinauds).

Right now I'm using 4711 cologne - with glycerin added - as a great citrusy aftershave. Have done the same with Florida Water.

Good descriptions. I also rate post-shave feel/conditioning, scent after the 'dry down, and duration of the scent as very important in my AS choice.
which ones work best for you?

My 'standards' include: Pinaud (especially Clubman, then anything but the Veg), OS (in it's various iterations), Lucky Tiger and Speick. For variety I use: Fine (especially American Blend, then l'Orange Noir), Floid (especially vigoroso) and Proraso (especially the green on a warm morning). I also rotate in a few others from time to time. No ASAD here!
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