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May Photo Challenge - Silhouette

Depending on where you live, I understand that some people still have their movements restricted, so I think I have found a challenge that can be done pretty much everywhere: take a photo of whatever subject you desire just make it a silhouette.

And in case you need a little help, here is a nice little article about making a silhouette photo: How to Photograph Silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps

And the standard rules for the contest:

  • Winner of the previous months challenge picks new theme and starts thread.
  • You must be the photographer.
  • One entry per month.
  • Competition runs until the 19th of the Month.
  • Voting runs from the 20th - 26th.
  • The person with the most votes is the winner.
  • The winner chooses next month’s subject

And an example (not mine)
Cool idea! I just did a similar moon shot last month, it's posted in the Shoot the moon thread. The gears are turning, probably be more of a hard back lighting from the sun this time though, or maybe some props and a flashlight on the kitchen table... Lots of possibilities.