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May have found my blade: Gillete Silver Blue

I started out with a bunch of Derby and Lab Personnas to develop my technique and then started working my way through a 25 count sampler pack, which included 7 o'clock yellows, Feather, Shark, etc

My best blades at about 2/3's through were the Nacets and Feathers but on the 4th shave it was clear they were fading.

The Gillette Silver Blues just completed a great 4th shave, so we'll see if they can get a 5th great shave. So far these are my best blades paired with my technique and EJ DE89l.
I recently bought 100 Gillette SBs because they are my favourites. I always find the first shave so easy with one of them and I frequently get them to last 6 shaves. If you haven't tried the Astra SPs yet I also recommend them, I tend to mix it up by alternating between the two. Always good when you find a product/blade that you connect with. Hope they continue to work out!
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It's one of my favorite blades as well, sharp and so smooth on my face. Glad you found one that works well for you, enjoy!
Congratulations on finding this blade! Agreed with everyone here in the fact that it's amazing for me in all of my vintage razors. Another favorite are the Gillette Blacks. Such a wonderful feeling, the first time you use that one. It and the GSB are always in my rotation!
Astra SP's are good for me but GSBs are so much better. It was my first blind bulk purchase and I've not regretted it at all!
I tried a GSB a couple of months ago and wasn't impressed with the longevity, shave or price. I tried another one this week and so far I've had 6 good shaves from it, and the price seems to have come down a fair bit as well. That means the price to performance ratio is now a very attractive proposition if the rest of the GSBs I have are just as good. Maybe I just had a bad blade first time I tried it?
GSB's are great blades. Ive been recently enjoying the Gillette Platinums even better than GSB, a tad sharper(or about equal, hard to say really) but 100% smoother.
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