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May 2022 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Last shave of the month - Made it..:)

Razor: Yaqi Slant
Blade: Polsilver SI (13)
Brush: Barberians Pure Badger
Soap: Derby
Aftershave: Nivea Sensitive Cool*

IMG-4468_DSC_4468 (2).JPG

* Part of my April failure

Hope to see you all in the June thread
The past few months I've been keeping up with the Frugals, the Madness, and the GRUMEs because of the useful information and the friendliness of these threads. It's even more enjoyable to join in, so thanks and kudos to all for that.
After a necessary stock-up, a treat, and what I hope will be my last attempt at acquiring a truly ideal razor tomorrow I'll be back for another 30 days of don't buy out of curiosity Paul.

Still in & made it this time, thank you and salutations to all survivors :)

Krona with a fresh Gillette light blue Platinum (aka Swede?). Used some Pre cream from 3P, which I rarely do. It felt fine but I didn’t get a closer shave or such.

The Eagle is such a nice scrubby face lathering brush and it’s a Pure! For me one of the best offerings of Simpsons.

31/31 still in :clap::punk::a14:

Pre-Shave: hot water, 50 laps on leather
Brush: Simpsons Trafalgar T1
Lather: Proraso Red
Razor: Gold Dollar
Strop: Invisible Edge standard plus canvas backed hanging strop
Post-shave: Cold water, alum block and Geo F Trumper Ecuris Skin Food olus 50 laps on canvas and leather

Congratulations to those who survived this GRUME and better luck next time to those who fell.

See ya in the June restraint folks.
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Honestly, this month the temptation has been low. My only thoughts were buying a Simpson M7 synthetic to potentially replace my Duke 3, but frankly I've been using the Duke 3 quite a bit and I've been liking it just fine. I've learned to appreciate it for what it is instead of wishing it had slightly more loft. Just another unecessary chase.

Pleasure posting with you guys! See you in June!
Day 31, still out.

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: GC.84 SB, Al Handle, KCG #7
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea Fresh Kick Balm.

Finished the month with a comfortable BBS.

Congratulations to those who made it to the finish line! Hope to see you in the June GRUME.
Still in, and done

GRUME : 16/16 (every other day shaver here (and some time even more or less))

Prep : Hot shower
Preshave : Proraso White
Brush : Maggard SY24 synthetic
Soap : Haslinger Sheep's milk shaving soap
Razor : Merkur HD 34 C
Blade : GSB (1)
Post : Alum block, Proraso White AS balm

Much better than the previous shave, the new blade sure did help. the post shave feeling was almost irritation free, I could feel the skin being on the verge of being irritated but not making the jump there, I will get another one with the same set up and then will switch to Stirling soap AS balm to see the difference

I came to a realisation today and full disclosure to a fine group as this warrants me posting this.

Having completed May's GRUME I restocked (for GRUME in June as is allowed) for some sample soaps (which I mentioned yesterday) with a tuck of blades to gain free shipping.

But...I was so thrilled with successful completion that I overlooked the fact that I technically placed my other while it was still 31 May rather than 1 June (at least on my spot on the globe). All things considering I was/am out for May shy of a couple of hours:a52:

Something I need to take note of for future GRUMEs!

Luckily GRUME in June has started and with a clean slate onwards we go!


Still in...

Stopped by the "closet" today. That is where I store all my previous ADs that don't fit into my usual rotations (trust me, there's a great plenty that does fit). I grabbed a Merkur 23c, Omega boar brush and some Razorock soap that I can't recall at the moment. I threw a Personna blue in the razor and soaked my brush while I was in the shower.

= DFS, however I did feel some minor irritation on my neck several hours later in the day.

This shave brought me to this conclusion - I still have too much stuff and I bought WAY too much early on. I'm a guy. I like sharp things, gadgets, tools, flashlights, race cars, fire trucks, German Shepards, action movies, a prime ribeye, Farah Fawcet, you get the idea.

It's coming up on 3 1/2 years since I started shaving with a DE razor, lathered soaps/creams with a brush and thought a bit more about my post shave. In that time I've been fortunate to find great hardware and software that suit me in person, online, here on the BST, and (for me the biggest thrill of all) in the wild. Had I not experimented I wouldn't have found the treasures that define my "den" and that I will continue to use or ask others to use on me until whiskers cease to sprout from my face.

In that time I've finished 2 containers of soap and 1 of shaving cream. I'm going to restate that just so I absorb it. A container a year. Granted I have several others in rotation so I'm definitely not hitting the same thing every day, but this stuff goes a LONG way.

Thanks to B&B and GRUMEs I'm set for a long while. Blade restocks are all I can justify in the foreseeable future. So now it's time to clear out the "closet". A PIF or two or three are in order. I have several kits that will serve well in someone else's newly established den.

Thanks for reading my ramble & Cheers to the GRUME.
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