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May 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Still in.

I'm shuffling between some household works, shifting furniture and nothing else.

Lockdown is lifted in my city, and as always the drunkards are lining up the streets (4 lanes) to get their life line.

I'm still 3017ing the Stirling Duke, but recently I was going through the soaps. The Mitchell's scent seemed divine in this hot weather and I almost cheated on 3017.

I ended up grating half of the Mitchell's wool fat soap, since it hasn't been used lately it had shrunk a bit and easy to grate.

I'm getting phenomenal shaves with the Shark Super Chrome blade and I've lost count on it, 8-10 shaves easily.

Thank you @SharpieB for the blade and thank you @Owen Bawn for bringing this blade (or a version of the Shark blade) to my notice via your posts.

It is very smooth and works very well with the Parker Variant Adjustable at 4, 5 settings.

I gave away a bunch of my shave gears as PIF, and sold Omega 10005.

So, my razor count has come down from 5 to 3.

Reaping the benefits of GRUME and enjoying the company of fellow gentlemen.
India has certainly been in the thoughts and in the prayers of many of us the world over these past few weeks.
GRUME-ing for the 27th day...

Hot water splashes and watery face lather of Adagio Road soap pre-shave
Bowl mix of Adagio Road Kokum Tallow soap applied with Simpson #1 Emperor brush
Feather AS-D2 with KAI blade
Cold water splashes and Nivea skin balm AS

Today was a late shave. I thought about skipping a day and see what it would be like to shave after a two day growth. Since wet shaving entered my life I haven't missed a day yet.

This month has been remarkable for my continuing education in "Shaving Skills 101". I can now intuit angles with the Feather razor. Tactile and auditory feedback is now expected in evaluating my shave. I can make a decent lather in a bowl or directly on my face. I should get "extra credit" for using Arko for the first time.

To top it off, I will soon be the owner of a...
"Bought, Beautiful, B&B, Bright Butterscotch, Bawn Beagle-Barko Bulb Brush." :letterk1:

Good Day!
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Still in.

Today, SV Cosmo, green stone Elite Razors brush with Manchurian White knot, and the freebie Iwasaki kamisori made for a very good shave.

I've been having this problem in which, since I got better at honing, about half of my razors are No Longer Good Enough, because I know what a superlative edge is, and I now know how to get it for myself. So the laggards litter my benchtop, and I am working away at them, one at a time.

I'd been reluctant to pick up this razor, because I wasn't sure how much of the new treatment I'd given it, and I thought it would need to go on the bench, but no, it was just a bit uncomfortable at the toe. It's got a low spot on the bevel, and the polishing did not reach that point. If my honing queue were empty, I'd get right on that, but instead I took it through 0.25 micron and 0.1 micron pasted balsa, and made some moves to reach the low place. So back in the rotation it goes until the day when I have time to make that bevel flat.

I have received the unusual razor that I was coveting, that I was kindly gifted in exchange for past favors. Bringing it into line with my standards about perfectly flat bevels is occupying all of my honing time. I look forward to its debut here.
Still in!

Had a lovely shave today

- Razor: Rockwell 6S (plate 4)
- Blade: Wilkinson Sword (German)
- Brush: Yaqi 26mm timberwolf
- Soap: Palmolive shave stick
- Post: Aqua Velva

tried the german wilkies in my rockwell for the first time today, and it was a fantastic combo! much better than the Derby premiums i tried last week, those were incredibly uncomfortable on the first pass. shame really, as those used to be my favorites, and i got a 100 pack of those. something i might PIF in the future 👍

as for temptations, absolutely none for the last couple of weeks, so i feel like the last couple of days of this grume will be a breeze. i wont join next months grume because i've achieved what i wanted with this one :smile1:

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Well, once again I succumbed. Twas a Carbon Ti that got me. Some things you gotta grab when they're in stock. So I'm out for May but I'll be bach.

See yawl in June.
We'll see you, Cino. Is it just me, or have others noticed how few seem to have washed out of the Grume this month? Looks like we're going to have a very successful month. I wonder to what extent, if any, the group buy Beagle played a role in this? To be honest I was afraid that the Beagle might provoke a treewhale in some of us. So far it looks like it hasn't.
GRUME...5-28-21...Still In...ARKO ALERT... :letterk1:

Shower and Cremo Moisturizing shave cream used for pre-shave
ARKO rubbed from tube and painted on with RR Plissoft brush
RR MJ-90 razor loaded with a new Feather blade
Cold water splashes, moisturizers and Nautica AS

I have been eying the Razorock MJ-90 in the drawer for a while. I think I used it one time previously and found it to be too aggressive. Well, doing something radical like using ARKO for the second time, I threw all abandon to the wind and used the RR...with a new Feather blade. I must be doing something right. I was careful with the shaving angle, used the Gillette slide or glide technique and came away with one of my closest shaves yet. There was no irritation or sensitivity issues.

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Still in.

No shave today.
Summer heat is going on, current 9 days period of excessive temperature is called Nau Tapa (Nine days of heat).
Since there were several cyclones in Eastern India, humidity is also high.

Busy with the dispatching the packages to fellow Indian Wet shavers.

Karve CB in Brass, Lupo 95, Stirling soaps and other items have been send to their respective and new owners.

I organized a PIF, and gave away a few of my razors (Pearl SS-09 and Romer7 CS11) along with accompanying shaving items will be sent away in a day or two.

It is a good feeling to be able to give something back to the community.

Wishing you all a great weekend.
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