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May 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
That’s brilliant.
i just started a book about Marcus Aurelius and his Meditations. Similar mindset.
Anyway. Still in.
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The bowl contains Williams soap. One of my mixed hair brushes applied it. Shaved with the Slim and a Spoiler (3).

The wife went thrifting one day and came back with a gift for me, probably more related to my coin collection than the contents. Nonetheless I’m not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

This is not the greatest aftershave in the world. This is only a Tribute.
Which book? Donald Robertson? Pierre Hadot? Or another that I need to get? Musonius Rufus was Epictetus' teacher, and Epictetus is the Babe Ruth of Stoic philosophers.
I keep notebooks where I write things that catch my eye when I'm reading. I've done it for over 30 years. Give my kids something to burn when I'm gone...

Anyway, I was reading through an old notebook this morning and I came upon this quote which I believe originated with the Roman philosopher Gaius Musonius Rufus. I think it speaks to what the goal of the GRUME is for many of us- or for me, anyway. It seems good advice in particular for those times when you seem to fail and wash out of the GRUME by making a purchase. We seek progress rather than perfection. This may be a summary of a paragraph or a paraphrase of what he wrote rather than a direct quote. It wasn't clear in my notebook.

"... and so, daily we must prepare to battle our appetites [desires]. And some days we will lose. No matter-- the battle itself makes us stronger, so long as we never quit trying. Self mastery is not a state one achieves. It is a skill one hones."
Thanks for the post.
GRUME has a deeper meaningfulness for me. I am a bit of a stoic and am currently reading Letters from a Stoic by Lucius Seneca
Still in

I do not have Arko so I picked my closest matching scent, my homemade Lemon Eucalyptus soap. It does not smell like a urinal puck so I am pretty sure I failed.

Home made brush with an inexpensive boar knot
Rockewell 6c, Plate 3 and GWS blade delivered a very close shave with a few weepers. Not BBS and I am sure it is my fault I bled, I was doing way too much buffing chasing BBS with a dull blade.
Old Spice glass bottle real scent aftershave
Still In

Pre-Shave: Warm water splash,
Lather: Arko shave stick,
Brush: Omega 10810 Black,
Razor: Maggard V3 Barberpole,
Blade: Super-Max Super Platinum (2),
Post-shave: Cold water rinse,, Razorock Amici,

First time using Arko since last September.

Rubbed the stub end of an Arko stick into my whiskers and and had at it with a small, Omega boar brush. Finished up with a cold water flash and another splash of RazoRock Amici.

Arko always reminds me of summer, it's synthetic lemon-citronella takes me back to camping in Vermont's State Parks or staying with my wife's family in Vermont's northeast kingdom.

Arko allowed for mounds of instant, slick lather that could not be easier lather. Although many people don't like Arko's scent, I do. With apologies to actor Robert Duvall. It smells like BBS.

Arko's mass produced shave soap that is both effective and ecomical reminds me of my ancestors who had one soap, one brush, one razor, one of every thing and shaved everyday.
On The Thirteenth Day Of GRUME...

Hot shower pre-shave
Feather AS-D2 with Nacet blade (3x)

ARKO stick
RR Plissoft brush

Cold water splashes, Thayers Lavender WH, aloe vera gel and Nivea Sensitive balm (round bottle)


My courtship with the Feather continues. I have a hunch that continued use of this razor will help improve my technique. I can say the Feather is high quality and it shaves with precision. I boldly shaved XTG on my lower cheek and part of my upper neck. A first for me.

Now to another first.
ARKO THURSDAY DAY! This is the first time I have used this product. It was also the first time to face lather. Lathering on my face was enjoyable and I definitely want to use this technique in the future! The Arko reminds me of Ivory soap from my childhood. To me the smell is clean, enjoyable and refreshing. It lathers easily and I could adjust the moisture level by dipping the brush in sink water.

Three months in and I still look forward to the whole shaving ritual and routine. Too bad I only need to shave once a day!

GOOD DAY! :letterk1:

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