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So the unknown size Thuri arrived. It's 6x1", and labeled... which is a nice bonus.
The rest of my stones arrived too. One is a very strange finisher that will prove fun Im sure. The second is looking like a foundstone that will probably function like a soft charnley... but cleaning it up will tell more.
Also bought a lot of tool stones for an American Hone Co two sided... gets here and it's a Minty Frictionite 00 (score) and the other stones include a cute little washita and a Carborundum 201 in box.


Found this in an antique store and found this for 3 bucks. How can I tell if it's safe to use. Got home and smelled it and it smells amazing. I thought for 3 bucks the bottle was cool looking and would be nice to just display. On the bay I see these going for a lot more money. Message_1559346661355.jpg
Been a good month so far! :D Picked up a Valencia Slant 501A, a "Made Expressly for Bloomingdales" butterscotch best badger, and an Optimus brush too!