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Matador Two Piece found in the wild

Sorry no pic, but I found this and bought it as it was in nice shape. The baseplate is attached to the handle, but the entire handle turns all the way up to the baseplate, it just stays attached when the top plate comes off. It is a plain looking razor, with a handle reminiscent of a 40's superspeed (but all one pice) and some nice weight to the handle.

But man did it shave well with a new Derby. Truly one of the better shaves I have gotten, even on my problem strip on my neck.
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A Swedish Matador? I have some of those razors and they are, at least those with safetybar, really mild. Like a superspeed but loaded with a Feather some what more bitey! Not my razors but to give you an idea!
$M atador jubilar.jpg$Matador diplomat.jpg$admatador1.jpg$admatador5.jpg$admatador6.jpg
Yes, looks like that, in near perfect condition. I gave $10 for it. No, it wasn't super aggressive but shaved me as close as anything I've tried using a Big Ben blade.
OK here it is. Not the best pics. There is a shadow in the top plate plating. Looks like an original defect to me, Its like the color isn't quite right at that spot but it is not worn through. I believe the head is a zinc alloy. But the shave was nice.

Yes, it is. The color is different from my nickel plated gillettes, could the handle be stainless?

I used this again today. Surprisingly good shave again.
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