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Master's or Stephan's?

I am looking for a barebones bay rum with bay oil in it. Locally there is Master's or Stephan's...which would you choose? Seems like Master's would be the way to go?
I have both products. They are both good but I find Master very sticky. Stephan's is now my go to bay rum and recently I added 3 drops of bay essential oil and 3 drops of Lime oil to the bottle. Shake before using.
I haven't tried Stephan's but I'm not a particular fan of Master's. I smell clove and cinnamon and pretty much nothing else. And I agree with Littlemax about the stickiness.
Get both. They are different and each have a place in my cabinet. Master's if you want a bit more punch, Stephan's if you want something mild and "wear it any time and be happy". It's great for putting on after you get home from work or come in from the yard.
I like Master's. I use it on my head and face and don't find it sticky at all. I have read reviews that suggest this and the recommendation was to use less. +1 on getting both!
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