Martin de Candre (MdC) - buying thoughts ?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Ratty, Jul 31, 2018.

    I want another soap..... simple as that i’m Afraid (you lot know the feeling)

    I want a MdC soap and have been checking the forums. Really wanted the Agrumes (lemon) one but MdC replied back to my email saying they are limited editions and would probably stock them at Christmas.

    I still want one but will choose between the Fougere or the normal scented one. Just wanted to know which one should I get or should I just wait for the lemon one come in stock.

    I only shave my head and neck as I have a beard. I currently have a timeless master kit and the following soaps:

    TOBS - cream - Grapefruit - love the scent - performance is good (my first shaving cream/soap)
    Castle Forbes - cream - Lime - Best scent out of all my lot - love the performance as well.
    Captains choice - soap - 45th parallel - like the smell but not strong enough - like the performance
    Captains choice - cream - lime - love the smell, prefer the soaps and castle Forbes lime
    Soap Commander - soap - barbershop - there is next to no scent in this that I can smell - I like the performance
    WSP - rustic soap - Citrus twist - love the scent - like the performance

    I like the castle Forbes lime and the WSP citrus the most out of the above.

    Should I go for the MdC Fougere or the scented bearing in mind I like the Cirtus stuff the most, or should I wait for the lemon one at Christmas and get something else now?

    I will get a MdC for sure but now or later and which one?
  1. I have the Original, Fougere, and Agrumes, and my favorite by far is the fougere. Is is one of the best smells of any soap out there.

    I just shaved with the Fougere this morning and the performance is exceptional as well. Lather is very slick and protective. I get great residual slickness as well.

    Agrumes is a very nice citron type smell, if I were you I’d get both, but if I had to pick one it would be fougere.
  2. I've never smelled the Agrumes, but between the Fougere and the Original, I would go with the Fougere no question.
  3. Fougere sounds like it is closer to what you are after than the lavender.

    Keep in mind that the lavender scent is polarizing. It is a very pungent, herbaceous lavender that is too much for some people. Personally, I have enjoyed all six of MdC's scents, however. You can't go wrong with any of them.
  4. rockviper

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    Christmas is not that far off!
  5. I’m probably gonna pull the trigger on the Fougere then when I get back home next week. Unless I am swayed otherwise.

    Christmas is close, but don’t wanna have to wait until I open up any presents.

    Now just need to hit the lottery and get a Wolfman
  6. ackvil

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    Whichever one you buy, the performance will be great - and it will last a VERY long time.
  7. Both! :001_smile
  8. I'm a big fan of MdC and own jars of the Original, Fougere, and Vetyver. My favorite would have to be the Vetyver but you really can't go wrong with any of them. One thing that I would recommend is to get on and get samples of them all to find out which one you like. I just checked their site and they have all of them in stock except for the unscented. Hope this helps.
  9. Fougere! It is the best smelling Fougere in the business!
  10. My favorite is the Lavendar but my preferences are in the minority when it comes to scents. I do also really like the Fougere though.
  11. I have them all and as much as i do not want to complicate things anymore for you but the Rose is killer if you like floral's and I think the Rose in now a stock item. Its a few bucks more because the rose essential oil is more costly buy what the heck? There is an old saying "If your going to go swimming you may as well get wet"
  12. Done !! Have ordered the Fougere. Shipping was 28 Euros though!!

    Thanks for the replies - I wouldn’t have ordered the fougere if I didn’t post the thread


    I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing .....
  13. I've tried Fougere, unscented, and Rose...and I think you made a solid choice to pick Fougere. That said, there's an edge of Fougere just about all of MdC's shaving soaps - even the "unscented." For me, it's a toss-up, since the MdC scents are pretty subtle, anyway.
  14. I grabbed a jar of Agrumes when it was recently an LE item. Smells great. I haven't used it yet, but if the performance is the same as the Rose jar, it will be equally great.
  15. Ugh....why @Ratty ? Really, why ? :a13:

    I have enough - and all of them absolutely perfect for me - soaps and creams.
    Now I find myself checking MdC website (if they didn't require you to register, who knows what would've happened already)... lol
  16. Unscented is my favorite. I think that most people assume it will be odorless, and hence not want to try it because they want a scented soap. It does have a rather noticeable scent, though. It's the same as the base notes in all the other soaps. Particularly, if you took the rose soap, and removed the rose top notes, what would remain is the "unscented scent."
  17. I have the Original, Fougere, Rose and Vetyver (their spelling, not mine :001_302: ). I try to get two tubs when I order to spread out the shipping cost. That said, if I had to rank my MdC soaps -- 1) Fougere, 2 Rose and t3 Original and Vetyver.

    I like all of them and rose scented soaps is one of my favorites, but I think the Fougere might be one of the best scents of any soap I have tried.
  18. IMO, you made a wonderful choice. I currently have Fougere, Original, Unscented, and Rose. I use them in rotation, and aside from Mike’s, MdC is the only soap I use. I expect you will enjoy it, just remember to give it enough water- with enough water, it’s a very slick soap.
  19. Another vote for the Fougere!! Great soap IME!! :a29:

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