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Martin de Candre, finally tried it

My homemade MdC clone is awesome!

I estimated the fatty acid balance from my knowledge of what the MdC recipe could be in order to produce MdC type lather, then I added some sweet almond oil to counter the coconut oil dryness.

What a wonderful shaving soap.
Absolutely loving it!
For anyone that is curious, here's what the bottom of the jar looks like. :c9:

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Yeah, I got my jar 2 months ago and have @ 30 shaves. Looks exactly the same as when I I first opened it. Since I'm in my late 50's,I am doubtful that I will ever see the bottom of the jar.
Super easy to lather, just as advertised. I take a barely damp brush(rinsed and shaken until most of the water has been released) glide lightly over the soap for no more than 5 seconds then add water as needed as I face lather. I end up with a perfect lather enough for 3+ passes.
While I prefer the scents of my SV tubs MdC IMO provides a superior shave.
MdC is my favorite soap.

I have found similar results. I face lather and load heavy yet this is still a long lasting soap.

Absent from the above review but very evident and important to me is the clean feel of this soap. It goes on clean, rinses well and leaves my face feeling clean without the faintest hint of too much stickiness or greasy feeling.

I use MdC daily when home. The 135 g LE Canelle Original yielded 182 shaves and the Brain Bowl Original has 260 shaves with plenty more to go. That is over 440 shaves without finishing my second purchase! I have a Rose Brain Bowl waiting, but it will not see any use until November or December when the Original is finished.

it may be expensive, but given the quality, size and longevity it is a good value.
After receiving a custom lather bowl for my 65th birthday, I gave bowl lathering another chance and am happy to say it was a wise decision. As good as the MdC was face lathering it is just as good or even better with the bowl. I now load about half as long and still have an over abundance of great lather.

As it turned out, the Original Brain Bowl only lasted through mid-October and lasted for only 285 shaves (I loaded very heavily). Some of my almost forgotten soaps were used for the rest of October and then on November 1, the Rose Brain Bowl was started.

Strangely, the Rose Brain Bowl at the start was 23 grams less than the Original Brain Bowl. Assuming no change from start to finish, 231 grams of Original soap were in the Original Brain Bowl. I’m hoping that the lime wood bowl is actually lighter than the beech wood bowl But it will be sometime in the late summer at the earliest before that question is answered.

MdC is the soap for me. Both Rose and Original are great and I have no doubt the other scents are also great.
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