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Marlin 39a Mountie

Went back to the gun shop where I bought the Sig P365 last week, and picked up a little Marlin 39a Mountie. $625 plus tax , Turned out to be a 1969 model. I grew up shooting a 39a my father bought for me back about 1952, so am very familiar with these. About 3 years ago I found a nice 1957 model on gunbroker and had it shipped straight to me thanks to a C&R license. The one today has a Lyman globe front sight missing the insert and the stock bullseye is missing,otherwise perfect and have those items on order. It had some cheap scope mounted, on a steel Marlin tip off base, so I told them I did not want that scope. I'm thinking about installing one of the vintage Weaver K2.5 or K3 scopes i have, one with a post/crosshair reticule the other with a German 3 reticule. Things seem to be drying out, so may try the range next week, The other gunshop called and has the flat trigger installed in my Sig P365, so the fun can begin.

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Gold trigger? Don't know when they started that.

We had several over the years. Solid shooter.

I think they are all sold. I'd have to look at the A&D books to know for sure.

Old pic of a nice plumb pudding 39a break down that passed through the shop. 99-100% example

Case-hardened! Beauty!