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    For a guy who entered 2019 on Sabbatical, and with every intention of resisting the lure of the hunt, I have gone crazy with acquisitions since March began. I have acquired my version of the ‘Final Four’ Aristocrats: 1) a 1934 Aristocrat in pristine condition; 2) a 1936 British ‘Pre-#15’ with perfect mechanics but little silver left except on the doors; 3) a flawless #15 with ‘rose gold’ TTO doors; and 4) a 4th Generation Brit that has lept to the top 3 of my den.

    Best part is that they all came with significant discounts.

    This is my ‘Final Four’! What’s yours?

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  1. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    "Best part is that they all came with significant discounts."

    Sounds like you are just trying to justify your purchases and lack of discipline... it is very sad

    (I am afraid I have purchased in the area of 50 items since January.)
  2. Hey, did you call my wife?!
  3. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Congratulations on the "final four". They are beautiful looking razors.
  4. Those are beautiful my friend. Congrats.
  5. Only better final 4 would be Gonzaga, Duke, NC, and Michigan State
  6. Well, when going for the classics, you better grab them when they are available.
  7. GEORGEOUS!! I can see why you decided on a sabbatical from the sabbatical!! :a29:
  8. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Well, if you're gonna fall off the wagon, those seem like likely persuasions. Nice!
  9. I think getting on the sabbatical is a good idea just to get off the sabbatical... if that is how you play the game. :thumbup:
  10. Thank you, my friend.
    Thanks, James.
    You got that right!

    Who was I kidding by entering the Sabbatical?!
  11. Thats giving me the itch! A barber pole is one of my last wants. I'd love to find one in the wild

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  12. Adam, these all came from afar. You have to scour ebay UK and others. Nothing like these are going to be sitting on a shelf in a Pennsylvania antique store, IMHO.
  13. Hey, that's where I find all mine :) (A shelf in PA). But you're totally right...I have never seen any made in england razors...all made in usa gillettes. I don't buy them all, I'm just a TTO buyer at the antique stores. But I will find this thread and post when I do find a british TTO on a shelf in PA! Yes, I'm remaining positive that it could happen!

    Congrats on the haul though, those are all really nice.
  14. Thanks, ‘neighbor’!
  15. I always figure they are out there, in a case at an antique store....buried in all the other "junk" (junk=crap I'm not interested in, but is probably worth more than razors!). Some of these stores have no concept of shelf layout of product. Its also what I accredit my quality finds to....razors buried in other stuff that no one else saw, that way I could buy them. Its such a crap shoot.

    But no complaints, as we are fortunate to have so darn many antique "malls" around here its not even funny.
  16. Looking good... for a Sabbatical year
    I wonder what's up for the time you are not on Sabbatical...
  17. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    Dan, your Crat RAD looks conspicuously like mine these last months - wonderful scores you did there sir!

    Thank mercy I did not go on the sabbatical, seems it comes back to bite you with a vengeance :lol1:

    I started the year with 2 Aristocrats and then I got bit too:


    These six have come to me from Sweden (x2), Singapore, Spain, Canada and ... the US! So it seems they are indeed to be found on your side of the pond @taelen112: So hang in there, Mike, it is waiting around the corner! - And vice versa: My only significant wild find here in Denmark was a nice late #44 RFB!

    My ‘final 4’ Aristocrats would be (for now):
    1) #15 OC - best looks
    2) 4th gen #70 - smoothest shave
    3) #16 - wonderful shave
    4) ??? - need to get my 2nd gen Aristocrat back from Cap and compare to the secret inbound one...
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  18. Scary, Andon. Just scary!
  19. Peter ... amazing stash!


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