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March photo challenge- The Road

Our willer is MIA and I have been asked to come up with the challenge for this month

The road is your guide this month, from major freeway to a cart path.. as long as vehicles can use it.

And the standard rules for the contest:

  • Winner of the previous months challenge picks new theme and starts thread.
  • You must be the photographer.
  • One entry per month.
  • Competition runs until the 19th of the Month.
  • Voting runs from the 20th - 26th.
  • The person with the most votes is the winner.

Since we are getting a late start, I'll open the floor to stretching shooting to Monday,0800 pacific standard time (west coast US) the 23rd, with voting to the same time on Saturday, the 28th. let you all decide if that is an exception for this month

an example of what I mean:
the street in downtown Nashville


Use your imagination

Bob L.

I'm too late but here's mine anyway. I got caught up in making all of my classes "online classes". This one is just to share.
Santa Fe Desert Scene.jpg