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March 2023 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Still in.

Disappointing shave this morning. I dug out a puck that I'd purchased from a local soap maker quite some time ago. Lather was thin and couldn't get it to come together. Gave up on it, wound up doing 2 wtg passes and chucked the soap in the trash.

This is the second time I've tossed a local companies' soap. The last one I had even included another puck in a PIF to @emwolf . I must apologize to him for not having tried it before sending one on to him. Such a kind soul, I'm certain he'd never mention it was a poor performer.

So I am done with shave soaps that I know nothing about. I'll have to support those little mom and pops by sticking to their bar soap for the shower.

Happy shaves!
Same. I've had some soaps that weren't even good as shower soaps, and it's such a shame.
Still in! Shavemac week, today is my D01 Silvertip 24/50!
Still in
Tonight’s shave

Pre-Shave: Warm face wash
Razor: Gillette Fatboy (7)
Blade: Gillette PermaSharp (1)
Brush: Boti Captain SHD Silvertip Badger
Soap: PDP No.63

Post-Shave: Alum Block
Williams Acqua Velva Ice Blue AS Splash

Fancied something warm and spiced today so dug out the PDP. Excellent choice. Easy to lather with plenty of slickness, which complemented the razor blade combo. Easily dealt with 2 days of growth with no drama. Smooth BBS result. This shave made me remember how the Fatboy, although 60 years or so old, is still a smooth razor. PDP balm is excellent too.

On to the next one and then the April GRUME. We can do it fellas 💪💪💪


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Day 27, 87.1% complete *

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Nivea Men Shaving Creme
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: GC.84 SB, Al Handle, Astra SP #6
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea 2-in-1 Aftershave

* I'm out! I noticed one of the local shops had Nivea Men Shaving Creme (100 Years Edition), which I've never tried, so bought a tube of it on impulse.

It's easy to lather, and shave performance is fine. The post-shave is maybe a bit dryer than with SV or MWF.
Still in, still busy, but I’m catching up. I had two BBS shaves on my Tech and Feather, despite being a bit careless about getting the right amount of water out of my brush. I paused my Feather at shave 249 so that I could participate in Micromatic Monday. My SE GEM blade got a thorough stropping before beginning.
I’ve now run through all my ASR related razors in the most recent Micromatic Mondays. Last up today was the GEM 1912 series Travel Razor, or Squathead as it is affectionately called. I have two reactions. First, it was easier to shave with than I remembered. Second, I’m still a little out of practice with these since most of my shaving is with a Tech. I had to keep reminding myself that riding the cap isn’t the same as flat against the face. In the end I got a DFS with only slightly more irritation than usual. I need more practice than just Mondays.
365 days of shaving87/365 (100%)
GRUYERE87/365 (100%)
GRUME March28/31 (100%)
03/12 (100%)
Soap of the Month Club (SOTMC)
28/31 (100%)

Gillette 365 (7)
Omega Super Badger
SoapPasses (3:here)
Pre- & Post-shave
Mike’s Barbershop
3Cold splash

Gillette 365 (8)
Omega Super Badger
SoapPassesPre- & Post-shave
Mike’s Barbershop
Cold splash

Efficiency (scoring details here)Quality
8/10 (~20 minutes)10/10 (Clean)
8/10 (BBS-)
10/10 (GlideFest)

Notes to today’s shave:

Wonderful shave today! The Ti95 and blade performed very well together. Smooth and comfortable.
The headshave was wonderful as well. I went ATG for the first time and that worked out pretty well. BBS in some places. Yeah!

Great start of the day!

Further details can be found here.

Enjoy your shave!
Still in, 2 days of growth

March GRUME and all over Acronyms I signed up for this month : 16
2023 GRUYERE : 49

Razor : Merkur 34 HD C
Blade : Gillette Silver Blue (1)
Pre Shave : none
Soap (SOTM) : Palmolive classic
Brush : Semogue 1305
Aftershave: Dickinson witch hazel , Brut splash

Another simple shave, dry skin again but no nick and limited irritation, the splash took care of that. All the splash have been used this month, definitely a few looser, I guess looking at how older bootle are still full give them away, they are back in their box and hidden from view. As for the winner , anything with a pleasant smell to me that do linger around.
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