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Good evening. It was a pleasant surprise to be at work and see a PM stating I had won the strop and soap. Thank you Tony Miller Strops and Coloniel Conk soaps. Thank you BigFoot for reaching out to me. I never win anything so I was not expecting to do so here. Thank you to the badger and blade forum and all of the people who I have talked with or purchased from via the BST section. Everything has been delightful. Good luck to everyone and stay well.

Oh wow im so very Happy! Thank you for the awesome PIF Rudy Vey! I will definitely do the same in the future. And Thank You everyone that makes this place a place worth coming back to.
Oh my! I'm actually stunned!

Thanks so much for running this PIF. I'm super stoked with those items.

Thanks to Bigfoot and the vendors for this one. Amazing!


Aaron Scissorhands
Congratulations to all the new members who won. It feels nice for something good to happen in times like these. Thanks to the vendors who really made all this possible. Thanks to @BigFoot too.
Not a new member, so I'm not in. Just wanted to give props to the generous vendors. These PIF's are top notch items. We should show our appreciation to these vendors.