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Not in bit it's a great PIF!! I wish I was a noob so I could qualify.

Hmm......I wonder if I could convert my wife....Nah, wouldn't work....
Wow! Amazing pif. top notch products being offered. Come on folks, if you're eligible, you need to get in on this.
Daaaang, this forum does give aways/PIF's? That's too awesome!!! I actually feel guilty for saying I'm in, because I signed up some days ago, but who would pass on such an opportunity? Even though, I probably don't think I'll make that 10 mark quality posts, but who knows, I might become eligible until the 31 :D I wish good luck to all the entrants, and even though it's a random generated choice, may those who need these items the most get them ^_^

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
I just signed up a few days ago but have ten posts I think good enough so I'm in (love the brushes and the strop and promise to PIF the rest + a razor and another new soap).


Pay no attention to that image!

Thanks to Mike @Esox for telling me about it.

Happy shaves,

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