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Mike H

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Anyone collect marbles? I inherited some and am looking for a good reference site to learn more. Any recommendations?

As an example...

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I don't collect them, but a marble kaleidoscope might be a good addition to view your collection with. You might need a bright light source for the more opaque ones.


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Marbles were fun at school. Used to play marbles with my friends most days growing up. Still have some at my mum and dads place. I know nothing of them now. You have me smiling now. Thanks for the cheer up.
I was cleaning out some old boxes in storage a few days ago & found the large can of marbles from my Grandmother's. They are at least 60 years old. I'll be curious if anyone posts any links to marble reference sites. Timely post @Mike H, thank you!


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I got kind of interested in the hand blown, art glass marbles some years ago. Believe it or not, there are quite a few glass artists who make marbles. I have a few, but my stuff is boxed up for a house move right now, so no pics for the time being.

Here are a few sites to give you the idea. They are quite beautiful, some of them.



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I keep pulling them out of my garden. Crappy 60's things I grew up with.
I had quite a lot of marbles as a kid.
Played marbles for a while in elementary school.
Always played for keeps.
Used to carry them in a Crown Royal bag.


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I've inherited some and collected some over the years, but I don't really know much about them.

Here are the ones that I collected just because they glow in blacklight.

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