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Mapping your face re: you're beard's grain

A Manic59 video suggested you map out the grain of your beard as everyone has some odd spots re: grain (mine seems to defy nature).

He showed some sort of template (guy's face with areas lined in). Is that template available someplace?


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What Mike said... Which reminds me, we should probably make one in Wiki...
On the beard map subject, I always thought it was a bunch of nonsense...until I start DE shaving. It is crazy how you wouldn't even recognize how your hair grows when you rush through your morning routine.
my chin and neck has so many changes in direction that i do three passes N->S, W<->E and S->N with my face so eventually every spot get a WTG and ATG
What good timing for this thread. I was trying to figure out my grain directions last night and had some weird spots. This helps a lot, thanks!

Got it. Using the template you can make three more templates showing


And then you can tape them up somewhere near your bathroom mirror

(and won't SWMBO love that! :lol: )

In time, it'll all become routine and you'll do it from memory.
As a newbie myself, I want to share this thread with the other noobs. The third link in the mblakele's post above (post #2) is a great interactive beard mapping tool. I've been wanting to map my beard growth and hope this will help with getting more close and comfortable shaves. Hope it helps others!
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