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FSOT Many soap/AS sets, Polo Red EDT

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Re-listing some soap/AS sets I couldn't find trades for previously and some more sets I've acquired since. I've also got an unused bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo Red EDT plus a couple of splashes without matching soaps. I'm not the best at determining how much soap is left but most have only been used a few times and some are unused.

I'm still open to trade for soap and splash sets. I'll list what I'm interested in below. Not interested in hardware. Open to offerings not specifically listed.

If you purchase a single soap/AS set, i'll have to charge $8 shipping. If you purchase two or more sets shipping is free. If you purchase 3 or more sets I'll take off an additional $5 for each set. So -$5 for three sets, -$10 for four sets, etc.

Shipping is free on the Polo Red EDT.

The RE Fireside and PAA Home on the Range splashes are only sold along with the purchase of a set or the EDT. Same shipping rules apply. Must purchase two sets or the EDT to get free shipping for the solo splashes. I hope this isn't too confusing :)

The Club Chasing the Dragon: (soap:unused, splash: unused) $35
The Club Khalifa: (soap: 80%, splash: unused) $30
The Club Tibetan Temple: (soap and splash used 2 or 3 times at most) $35
A&E Amber Rose: (Soap and splash used 2 or 3 times?) $30
A&E Kaizen: (soap and Splash used 2 or 3 times?) $30
Sphinx Smolder: (soap and splash used 3 or 4 times?) $30
Moon Soaps Trade Winds: (soap and splash unused) $30
Macduffs Soap Co. Haunted Cabin: (soap and splash unused) $30
Wholly Kaw Tempest: (Soap and splash unused) $40 NOTE: SPLASH IS ALCOHOL FREE TONER
Proraso White for sesitive skin: (cream 75%, Pre shave 75%, AS balm used twice) $20

Ralph Lauren Polo Red EDT (Unused, Pride month label): $60

Razor Emporium Fireside AS Splash: (unused) $10
PAA Home on the Range: (75%) $15

WANTED soap/AS sets
Declaration Grooming Fake Yellow Light
Declaration Grooming Cuir et Epices
Declaration Grooming Shore
House of Mammoth Almond Leather
Interested in leather forward, tobacco forward, or marine scents. I tend to like earthy. Do not like barbershops or orientals (hence all the orientals I'm trying to sell).

shave 3.jpg

shave 2.jpg

shave 1.jpg
I'm on the lookout the A&E Pistachio soap/AS splash if anyone has that for trade. I'll probably be adding scents I'm interested on as I remember them.
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