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FS Many safety razors and straight razors

I have enjoyed all of these razors, but family financial needs of 2020 are unfortunately forcing me to sell off my various hobbies. I’ve tried to describe and price things fairly, but if my prices are off, I ask the simple courtesy of making me a reasonable offer. Thank you in advance for your help.

I prefer to ship in a padded Priority Mail envelope or small Priority Mail box, so all prices are + $8.00 CONUS. I can fit many items in an envelope, you will save on shipping if you purchase multiple items. Payment is via PayPal G&S. I will PM the account email to purchasers to confirm purchase.

Straight Razors
  1. Weck Sextoblade Medical $15
  2. “The Favorite” - Geo Worthington Co., Cleveland. Rescaled with acrylic. $35
  3. Friodur - JA Henckels, Solingen. NOS blade rescaled with acrylic. $50
  4. Keen Kutter K17, Simmons Hdwe, Deluxe scales. $50
  5. Dovo Inox 41, Olivewood scales. Used twice. $100
  6. Wade & Butcher, Sheffield Steel. Amazing shave! $60
  7. Torrey Razor Co., Worcester, Mass. $40
  8. Genco Nubak, $30
  9. Thiers-Issard France 69 Super Gnome. $60
DE Safety Razors

Big Fellow: silver, one minor spot of brassing on the handle just below threads and minor brassing on knurled grip, otherwise in very good condition. Blade case excellent. Wooden box is in good shape with perfectly functional hinges and closure. $125

Senator/Sheraton: nickel plate. Excellent condition. Rare TTO open comb from late 30’s. $85

Fat Boy: E-4, red indicator paint not complete, otherwise vgc or better. $50 SOLD
Slim: L-4, no indicator paint left. very good condition otherwise. $40
Slim: H-2, no indicator paint left. very good condition otherwise. $40

Superspeed L-4, near perfect. $25
Superspeed Z-4, vgc. $20
Superspeed L-1, excellent. $25
Superspeed Black Handle W-4, excellent. $17
Superspeed Black Tip X-2. vgc. $25
Superspeed Blue Tip C-2, near perfect. $30
Superspeed Red Tip E-2, paint shows normal wear, otherwise excellent. $25

Edwin Jagger 8911. Like new. $22

Single Ring in brass, $30
Single Ring, restored plating, excellent condition with very tiny crack as seen in photo. $40
Single Ring, original plating, very good condition, no cracks. $40

Tech, nickel, fat handle. $15
Tech, gold plated fat handle. $15
Tech, ball end. $15
Tech, ball end. $15

Old type: gold plated, typical crack at bottom, very tight crack at top. $15
Old type: good gold plating, typical crack at bottom. $15
New type: Long comb, no cracks! $20
New Type: Long Comb. Fat handle, Nickel excellent condition. $25

Goodwill: minor crack, fair condition. $15
Goodwill: plating weak, one broken tooth. $5

Badger and Blade leather safety razor case, new in package. $10

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price drops:
Dovo straight with olive wood scales: like new $80.
Thiers-Isaard straight: like new $50
Senator Long comb TTO: like ne $65

I’ve tried to price all items fairly. PM me an offer if my price is high!
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