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Back Hair. Chest hair. Facial hair, Underarms, and Pubic hair. Boys have it all. However, how do you think ladies want their man to look?

Personal grooming is a must for every good looking man, ladies want their man sleek, smooth, and a bit rugged, but which hair is allowed and which is not. So what do ladies think about a man’s Manscaping routine?

What is Manscaping?

This is a word that has been making rounds in the grooming world, and ladies are paying close attention to it. The question though is how much Manscaping is too much and how to ladies feel about their man removing body hair, either partially or completely. So in this article, we will try to discuss what women think about the different regions of the body in relation to Manscaping.

While many women want their man to look smooth, a bit of rough is sexy, overall women want men to take care of their appearance and do it as often as possible. Well, we can’t all be the same, so this is meant to show you what should stay and what should go.

Facial hair – clean-shaven 40%, rough – 60%

If your idea doesn’t conform to this percentage, you might be among the women that want a smooth face that won't ruin their make up during a kiss.

While many ladies won’t necessarily agree with this, we do want the man to have a well-groomed beard, well-trimmed or well washed and clean for men that keep beards. However, it is an absolute no to nose hair and ear hair, please take it off.

Chest/stomach and back - Clean-shaven 17% Hairy 83%

Before you scream, we will break it down and while some women like a hairy chest and back, this statistic is way off.

Chest hair – chest hair is okay if it stays within your chest region. Guys if your chest hair is extending to your stomach, shoulder or back, please manscape it or at least remove the extra bits. Furthermore, if your chest hair is rough and spiky or pokes out of your shirt fabric, please manscape immediately. Women love a natural look, but it should be well-groomed.

The back hair – hair on the back are not very appealing or sexy, please. We love to hug, and a hairy human teddy bear isn’t as comfy as the real thing. The hair on the back should be manscaped, maybe not completely, but the hair on your back should not increase your shirt size.

Stomach hair – a couple of hair around the navel is sexy, all around no. Stomach hair takes away from the sexiness of a man’s abdominal region. However, a well-chiseled stomach gets enhanced by the hair.

Overall, ladies prefer a man with moderate chest hair, few smooth stomach hairs, and definitely fewer back hair.

Underarm hair – unless you want to look like you have tentacles, then please take them off, they are not good looking, and it just tells how ungroomed you are even when they are clean.

Pubic Hair – Trimmed 88%, Natural looking 11% Smooth Shave 1 %

After asking about 1500 women how they prefer their men down under, this is the result, whether there is a change or not, women definitely know what they want. The pubic region should be clean, and even if you like it natural, it should be washed, clean, and void of any smell.

Women seem to think that a sexy looking and manscaped pubic region heighten the excitement and make intimacy more fun. For the women that love their man clean-shaven, I guess it gives you the opportunity to see and appreciate your man’s asset, not bad.

In addition to the following, a man should also take care of their teeth and mouth –good oral hygiene will go a long way, as no women want to use to ladies during a conversation.

Finally, we may have different perspectives concerning our men and their Manscaping habits, we all agree that a well-groomed man is a good looking man any time of the day. And while totally smooth doesn’t cut it, ladies prefer their men to be comfortable and have a little more hair than them but in the right places and looking good too.