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Mannic's wetshaving journal

💈SOTD: 1-4-24
Soap: Signature Soaps Danum
Ash: Axe Dark Temptation
Razor: Kampfe Bros Star razor
Blade: Gem Personna PTFE (1)
Brush: Semogue SE 2023

Today on B&B one of the themes is vintage razors up to 1974, for me this is obviously a theme that is right up my alley and over the weekend I have already started to make a list of razors that I am going to use. I'm going to try to keep the chronological timeline from oldest to youngest, to start then, I will have to start with this lather catcher made by Kampfe Brothers and then their Star razor from around 1902 so almost 122 years old, normally these were used with a wedge blade, which I also own but they can also be used with a modern PTFE blade from Gem, the latter I did.

The shave was doable, although with a modern blade the razor is very light weight and then you have to help the razor a bit.

The first soap sample from signature soaps was up today and Danum got to kick things off. Danum is a Patchouli scent and is exactly that, a nice dark earthy green scent and I love it. Soap lathers up nice and fast and is very tolerant with water, you can add the amount of water nicely to your own needs. The lather has a nice full fat texture and a nice slickness.

As a splash I used axe dark temptation, which with its chocolate scents fits in perfectly.

eZy Watermark_01-04-2024_03-58-49-2260PM.jpeg
💈SOTD: 2-4-24
Soap: AYLM Hard Soap
Ash: 4711
Razor: Gillette ABC Pocket 1911
Blade: NOS London Bridge (3)
Brush: Semogue 1305

This beautiful and perhaps one of my finest Gillette sets was allowed to enter the April Vintage month today. You don't see this 1911 ABC pocket edition much, you do see the pocket editions but not in this cow leather covered wooden case, the blades are not original but I am still searching for a matching blade bank. An efficient yet comfortable open comb razor, this one still has the thin top cap which makes it a lot less aggressive than with the thicker top cap introduced later.

The Vintage london bridge blade produced in England is a very comfortable blade, in three passes a very fine shave with a DFS result.

AYLM's Hard Soap is a lovely mildly scented soap with a slight cooling, the shaving properties are very good, and the post shave is very comfortable. A nice splash with the classic 4711 concluded a lovely shave.
eZy Watermark_03-04-2024_12-10-18-0340AM.jpeg
💈SOTD: 3-4-24

Soap: Cella
Ash: Cella
Razor: Gem Demaskeen ca 1918
Blade: Gem PTFE (1)
Brush: Razorock Moka Hive

Day number three of the Vintage April theme month, today's turn to the oldest type 1912 razor in my collection the Gem Demaskeen, this is also immediately the finest shaving type 1912 in the collection, not that the other models do not shave fine quite the contrary but this one is the finest.

eZy Watermark_03-04-2024_04-58-45-8360PM.jpeg
It are a couple of days since i last updated my journal.

It are some rough days lately, my father passed away almost two months ago, and after a hectic time the realisation that he’s not coming back kicks in really hard.

The joy in shaving is still there and i shave everyday, but setting up my setup for a decent picture is not my top priority at the moment, i was looking forward to vintage april, but I don’t really enjoy it as much as i wished.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks i can give it a place in my memories and will i be back on track.
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