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Manicure & Pedicure

Gentlemen, I come before you seeking to find out if I am alone or not. Have others of you had either of these at least once before?

My girlfriend knew that I had a half-day today so she handed me a gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure because she though it would go well as a treat with my Friday shave. While I do not feel immasculated, and I more than appreciated the treat, it did take a bit of psyching up to enter the establishment. :ohmy:

In all truth I should have gone before now, at least for the pedicure. A little over two years ago I had a bad nail/hangnail situation and it turns out this sent the cuticle of my big town on a pathway to hell. While it did not hurt to walk, my big toe has been sensitive ever since but I did not know how to help get rid of the problem. The lady at the shop took a look, almost died of shock and got right to work while I grimaced through 10 painfull minutes while she cleaned me right up...one toe, non stop ouch. :scared: By the time she got the rest of my toes done the first toe was already starting to feel better. :001_tt1: :biggrin:

Overall I am impressed at the work that was done on the whole, and feeling a bit appologetic for looking down my nose for years at an industry I thought did not belong.

PS: When the lady broke out the odd razor-thing to shave off callouses and stuff from my heel and feet I did ask her if I could have T&H rose creme instead of their lather king stuff. The lady obviously got the reference because she replied that there was only Coates in the shop. No, they don't use creme but it helped me to toss a joke at that moment. :001_tongu
I finally had a pedicure a few months back and enjoyed it a lot--it did take some stones to actually walk in the door, and thankfully it was midday and deserted or i don't know if I could have done it.

Have not done the manicure though--how was it?
I go with my wife sometimes to get pedicures and I've had a manicure a few times also, last time for a wedding. Nothing wrong with looking good and it's pretty relaxing too.
I get a manicure every 3 weeks. I enjoy them and my hands look great. Pedicures I get 3 or 4 times a year. I am the only male that is in there. I always go to the same place (Pro Nails - Tulsa, Ok) and leave a very good tip. The young women that work there like doing my nails because they know I will tip good. They only charge $10 and I give them $15.
My ex-wife used to make me go for a pedicure or she wouldnt let me do the whole rubbing feet deal while in bed:tongue_sm Not so big on the manicure though....I thankfully have very nice fingernails and my cuticles are not all that bad plus I heard its bad to cut them from one of the chicks at the salon that and where men, we are supposed to have manly hands...cut nails use lotion and call it a day:biggrin:
My wife bought me a gift certificate for a pedicure. I put off using it for months but finally bit the bullet and did it.. It was fantastic! Very relaxing..:001_wub:
Pedicures are relaxing.....I just cant get over when they use that cheese grater looking deal to scrub the bottom of your feet.....it tickles way to much....I always irritate who ever does it because I cant sit still.
I work with physicians and some of them have manicures done periodically especially the surgeons. They take care of their hands because they are their bread and butter.
I get a pedicure every two months. Of course, Dr. Soulier is not a hot young chick, which would definitely be nice!

Oddly enough, my GF finds it sexy when my hands are not so smooth and soft. She likes the many feel of hands that have been doing manual labor.... (which unfortunately for both of us for various reasons, does not happen much living in NYC).

Note: This is not the same thing as the unpleasant scratchy feel of dry skin hands.
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