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Man shaves with sharpened steel.

So I bought me first straight: a vintage Sheffield classed as shave ready. It was sharp but felt harsh and uncomfortable compared to my FAC SS. So I decided to learn to hone on a GD before tackling the Sheffield, which was probably backwards, as the GD was a pain from the get go.

Anyway I set a bevel and managed a shave off of a 8000 stone and crox pasted strop. OK it was a bit rough especially ATG, but I've had more irritation on a bad day with a DE or fresh Feather Pro blade so I'd say not a bad effort for a first honing effort. The shave is pretty damn good with no cuts or weepers.

What I've learned so far..Getting a razor sharp enough to shave isn't particularly difficult. Achieving a sharp comfortable edge needs more practice. :biggrin1: I tend to do things the hard way. That's my learning style so I'm thinking of staying with 8000 and crox as a finisher until I'm happy enough with the shave before trying a finer finisher. Maybe. I'm also gonna leave th GD for now and move onto the Sheffield. It's going to be much easier to learn on. It's a straight straight. The GD is sorta...a bendy straight.

I get the feeling I've just fell into another rabbit hole but hey, for 50 years I've been harboring the desire to sharpen a piece of steel and scrape my face of with it. The archives have been an invaluable source of information so many thanks to you guys. :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
Good stuff! Feel free to swing by the Journal subforum. Many of us have active journals where we keep track of the good and bad things of our shaves. Others often pop in with words of encouragement and sometimes even wisdom!
Thanks I'll have a look at the Journal subforum. I've got a loupe which shows a bit but it's kinda crap. I'm considering a microscope.
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