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Man oh man, do I love TOBS shaving cream. What a great lather.

I agree. TOBS is my go-to. Every single 'flavor' has had great results so its nice to be able to spice things up while remaining consistent. Im currently working through some Sandalwood & an Almond, but when these run out I'll probably pick up Mr Taylor(For the 20th? time... my favorite!! Ive been craving it) and Rose.
It's almost impossible to not make a great lather with TOBS cream in my experience. I have Sandalwood, Coconut and Eton. I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite.
Just ordered a set of each sample from Garry. Can't wait to try them. I'm currently using the sandalwood and love it.

Almond sounds interesting to me, but the fruity scents and the rose don't sound appealing. But from the reviews on this board, I may be in for a big surprise.
I run with these flavors of TOBS - Almond, Coconut, Lemon Lime and Grapefruit, my favorite was Shaving Shop which has been disco'd.
It's great stuff. I haven't found a scent that hasn't performed well. At the moment I gravitate to Sandalwood and Jermyn St.
Just got my sampler from Garry. I'm excited to try each one over the next few weeks! Yesterday was Avocado. Indeed, it's a great cream, but the scent left something to be desired (compared to the sandalwood)
Anyone have any idea what the shelf life is on TOBS? I bought two tubs last time I was in London. Unfortunately that was a bit over two years ago. I am just now using the almond I bought then, and it seems fine, but I am not sure how I would know what changed. From my recollection, I don't remember it being different when I bought it, if anything maybe a bit lighter, like more 'whipped'. Either way, big fan of TOBS in any scent though I prefer the Jermyn street and I always like lavender.
I recently acquired the Grapefruit scent and love it. The LOTH uses it mostly, but when I get the a cream mood, I've been reaching for that.
I was introduced to Mr. Taylor's today. It was my first time using TOBS and a cream soap to boot. I must say face lathering was so easy I felt like I was cheating. Loaded my brush once and had more than enough for 3 passes. There is no hocus pocus with this soap.
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