Man-ly Fragrances?

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    Dolce & Gabbana "The One" Has a great tobacco scent.
  1. Speick.
  2. Don't care who wears it, but I like it. Wife doesn't though, so...
  3. My favorite is BVLGARI MAN. I like most BVLGARI scents (special mention for AQUA, dark blue which is available in a great AS lotion splash) but MAN is my go to especially when I am dressing up. Has some great lavender without being floral and isn't sweet just manly!
  4. Fahrenheit. Tom Ford grey vetiver. AdP.
  5. Paul Sabastian
  6. TOBS Mr. Taylor
    Musk (By Dana)
    Old Spice
  7. Some of my favourites
    Tabac Original
    Williams Expert Aqua Velva
    Floid Vigaroso
    Old Spice Original & Fresh Lime
    Varon Dandy
    Brut (European)
    Brut (Mexican)
    La Toja Aftershave Locion
    Aqua Velva Ice Blue & Musk
    Pinaud Clubman Bay Rum
  8. Chanel Pour Monsieur
  9. Need to add Frederic Malle's Monsieur to this list!
  10. I only use Stetson, Polo Red (it smells dark to me) and Drakkar Noir for "manly" scents. A lot of mine are the "sweeter" male scents or smell like water because I am subtle. Most black or leather don't work for me. Neither did Obsession for Men. I think Michael Jordan is manly too...

    One I will say I disagree with is Angel For Men, I use it and love it but I don't think it is what I would define "manly" to be. That said I am not dumping it, it is one of my favorite fragrances but I'm not confusing it with say Polo, Polo OUD, Polo Red, Stetson or Drakkar Noit on manly scents.
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  11. You know you sound really jealous of him, right?
  12. This description is what made me want to try Special Reserve and it took me a long time to get around to it but I did and I like it quite a bit.
  13. Derby Chop Shop. It is a sophisticated, gentlemanly scent reminiscent of a time long past when men were men. Whilst certainly neither Southern nor gentleman but unabashedly roguish, imagine Rhett Butler would wear it exclusively.
  14. dws


    Crown Shaving Co. cologne and/or EDP
  15. Both vintage Avon land and Clubman Special Reserve have strong smokey notes to me. They are deep, dark, and mysterious. What I think is manly.
  16. Azzaro Pour Homme

    Nothing feminine about it; not even the slight note of iris in its pyramid.
  17. Manly is as manly does. Wear what you LIKE. If you wear it and carry yourself with confidence it will come off as masculine. At least, as long as it isn’t Britney Spears Perfume.
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    was that Oland?
  19. If you think that Frank Sinatra was a man's man then the fragrances he wore would have been considered manly too. So this one should fit the bill as a manly fragrance. I know that I certainly do.

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