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Mamma Bear Mint/Rosemary Review Thread...

I have the distinct honor of having been the first person to purchase her soap (up until then, she had just given it to friends and family... I discovered her on ebay).

I remember lauging out loud when I began lathering the soap up for the first time. I couldn't believe an ebay soap could provide such impressive lather. And, when I was done with the shave, the laughing shifted to the shaking of my head, as I looked at the many soaps/creams I had in my medicine chest that had just been displaced... they didn't have time for arguments, rebuttals, or appeals. They had just been relegated to "second tier" before they knew what happened.

I have been a firm supporter of her soaps from my first shave with the lilac and lavender. I concur with Joel that the rosemary mint (as well as all the offerings I have tried from MMB) is an exceptional product.

Well, I placed an order today for her Hydrogen & Dragon's Blood soaps, based upon everyone's yammerings about how awesome her stuff is. I can't wait to try it, I really can't. Joel, based on your review, are you saying that her soaps are better than Will G's Shea Butter? I know that you were raving about that stuff for a long time. I wonder if Mamma Bear does/would make a Shea Butter soap...might be worth looking into for those who are in withdrawals from Will G's products since the unfortunate end to his business..
Well, I just pulled the trigger on three tubs!

Dragons Blood
Rosemary Mint

My GOD, will it ever end?
Cheers, DJ.:eek:
Justso said:
Joel, based on your review, are you saying that her soaps are better than Will G's Shea Butter?

No.... not better. Sue's soaps cut closer than Will G by a smidgeon - but do not offer the tremendous protection and unbelievable moisturizing properties of Will G's soap... in lue of Will G's soap no longer being produced - I'd say Sue's is about the best you can pick up right now. I do have a cake of shea butter & soy 100% vegtable based shaving soap in Himalaya scent that might be a possible replacement for Will G - but truth is, I have so many darn products lined up to try/test - I haven't even gotten the chance to give it a go.... heck even the brush war is going slower than expected in light of all this new stuff popping up, but hopefully I can kick that into full swing right quick.
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