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Mamba changer

Ok just bare with me on this one. Im sure like many of you I now have 2 game changer plates and only use one. I also have a mamba that just sits. So I got curious and put the mamba top cap on the .68 gc plate. Amazing shave! Maybe it's just me but the geometry of the frankenrazor just worked. I tend to ride the cap and like a shallower blade angle. With this you get the angle of the mamba with the exposure of the gc. Couldn't believe how comfortable and efficient it was, probably my go to razor now. Has anyone else tried this?
Haven't tried it, but might now thst I know it's possible to do so!

I'm glad I waited for the complete .84mm head/razor to be available. I own the Mamba and .68mm Game Changer currently, and have a complete .84mm GC on the way. A bit more coin, granted, but it's easier to move (gift, sell, PIF) a complete razor, than a razor part. Plus, I haven't heard of any plans from RazoRock to release just the top cap separately, which basically translated to the .84 plate purchase converting the .68 GC into a "kit" razor. And that's just not my bag.


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I did , and had a wonderful shave but it was not really any better than the GC .68
For Me and my face anyway .
I brought this up a about a month ago and was waiting for someone to try it while I was waiting for my GC to come .
Yeah I tried this months ago, I believe I even brought it up in one of the Razorock threads. Works the other way around too - use the GC Top with the Mamba plate.
I've been away from B&B for a few months and I didn't realize that the .84 GC even existed. I've only been back on B&B for 20 mins, and it's already gonna cost me $50... :)
Anyone tried this with a .84 plate?

Pictures with the frankenrazor loaded with a blade would be very much appreciated.
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