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Mama Bear's Old Spice Type

Tried Mama Bear's Old Spice Type this morning. Excellent. Great lather, great lubricity and the scent was all I was hoping for. You OS fans need to pick some up. :thumbup:

crackstar said:
Is it easy on the skin, Jordan? No burning or irritation?


For me, no. No irritation or burning. But I don't have terribly sensitive skin either. I usually do OK with products that others have said irritate them. So as is so often the case, YMMV :biggrin: The scent is worth a try though!

Jordan, my skin's very sensitive, yet I can use the Mama Bear's Dragon's Blood, which is a soap that gave some guys here some irritation. I'll definitely check out this soap, because I love the scent of Old Spice.

Give it a shot. I love Old Spice too. Followed up my shave this morning with Old Spice A/S and then Old Spice Cologne - hope I'm not too much for my co-workers today. Enjoy.

I have the Mama Bear's Old Spice type also and thought it might burn or be a stinger. However, nothing could be further fro0m the truth- just a great soap all around; latherabiltiy and smell.

In fact, when I do my 'old school' shaves its with Mama Bear's Old spice type in conjunction with Pinaud Clubman splash, followed by Pinaud Clubman talc, and topped off with Old spice Cologne. :thumbup1:

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