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Mama Bear Soap Giveaway

Ok fellas, here's the story. I went to my mailbox this afternoon to see if the much anticipated Mama Bear shave soap had arrived and it had, with a double order. By accident, Sue sent me two of each of my order rather than just one. I called her up, wanting an address to send the overshipment back to her and she insisted that rather than me sending it back to her, that I either keep the overage or put it up on Badger & Blade as a giveaway. So I'm opting to put it up on here as a giveaway.

I ordered the much raved about Hydrogen Scent Soap, which smells out of this world, as well as the Dragon's Blood, which also smells intense. Both smell unreal.

Here are the rules..

I'm giving one away (scent of your choice) to the first member who sends me a PM who has not tried Mama Bear's products and wishes to try one.

I'm giving the other one (whichever one is not chosen) away to a member who is new to B&B and is interested in trying Mama Bear's Soaps. This is only open to members new to the B&B forum in the months of May or June. (whichever names are on Rik's Welcome Message in the general forum for the months of May/June)

This is a pay it forward sort of thing, and as such I cover shipping costs to the Continental US via USPS Priority Mail. All soaps will ship out Friday, I'm assuming they'll be gone by then. :biggrin:

(PS-I'll be out tonight so I may not respond to PM's until late this evening/tomorrow morning. I'm not ignoring you and each of you will get a response)
well shucks, that didn't take long..

congrats to Roger (g8orshavr) and Jeff (crackstar)...Roger got the Hydrogen and Jeff got the Dragon's Blood...

thanks for playing..and welcome to B&B Roger :badger:

roughrider said:
I guess I missed out :biggrin:. Congrats you guys. Let us know how you like it.
You did not miss out, you are getting the new lighter than air scent with the new invisible formulation. :001_rolle
...you mean that there is something OTHER than Williams Mug soap that I have been using for the past 2 months?!! I am new to the whole straight shaving, brush thing so I am still using the $5 Burman Shave brush and Williams soap...

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