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Mama Bear March. Who's with me?


Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
Quite a few folks can't figure out how to lather Mama Bear. But let's leave that for another thread and let this one stay as Mama Bear March
So am I the only guy here that thinks her soap sucks ???

Really I tried 4 different soaps and no joy !

FWIW my go to soaps are tabac , speick ( both soap and cream ) , tobs sandalwood , and Dr Harris Arlington .

All these lather up like crazy, and provide great protection but the mama bears is just point useless for me .

Yeah I know your mileage might very :001_rolle

No - there are quite a few who don't care for it. MB was one of the soaps I learned on, and I can always count on it to give me a good shave. I have since found other soaps I like a bit better, but can always count on Mama Bear. The only soap you listed which I have tried is Tabac, which I like quite a bit.
No worries - not everyone like the same things. Just enjoy what you DO like! :001_smile
I haven't given up, the last two days I used aged spice. I just though you all might get tired of reading the same post every day. Im changing it up tomorrow though and Ive got something special planned for Thursday.
Day 31, I saved the best for last. I've barely got any left so I don't use it much these days. I really should have bought more. My favorite Mama Bears scent has got to be Beau Brummel. This stuff is amazing.


Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
Iceberg Ice for the final day of Mama Bear March. Back to using Mama Bear only a few times a month
I took a week off while on a cruise (unforseen circumstances!), so I still have a couple shaves left. I was disaapointed in the first couple shaves, but I'm getting some nice lathers now. It's always been slick, but I'm also getting surprising density and cushion.
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