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Mama Bear March. Who's with me?


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March is fast approaching and I intend to use nothing but Mama Bear soaps. I can do 20 days until I have to repeat. Is anybody with me?

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Theoretically I could- the kids gave me a MB three-pack-in-cigar-box for Christmas.

It's good soap: fake old spice, barbershop and one other.



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I've been 3017ing 2 partial puck of Sue's wondrous stuff since later November, but I don't think my Dragon's Blood will last through to even the start of March. Then it's onto my Cella tub.

So as for Mama Bear March....
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I think I will join in! I have had a 4 oz tub of Bay Rhum for a couple years waiting for the 3017 treatment. I will be finishing CF Lime in the next week or two.

Really doesn't smell like Bay Rhum to me, but I dig the pirate on the label! Looking forward to knocking this one out!

How long does a tub this size last?
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Where're we marching on?
Some of you have more Mama Bears than I have of everything else. I bought 24 samples and made a chart of which were my favorite but I never bought any. Maybe you guys will convince me to grab a puck or two. I really wanted one in one of those wood bowls with the bear but she said she ran out and doesn't know when or if she will get them back.


Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
There's one member here, I don't remember who he is, who has over 100 Mama Bear flavors. Makes me look like a piker.
Not sure if I have enough left to get me through the entire month, but I will try. I was going to pick up one of the small pucks on an old gift card I found, but the shipping put me over the amount left on it...
I well get as far as I can! :001_smile
There is a Sea Moss on clearance... Do scent description though. I really wanted to pick up Whiskey Creme, as it was my favorite.
Will try to find some reviews on the scent. $6.84 on the card... LOL
I'll try, I've got a brand new tub of aged spice, northwoods, three of the sea moss cakes melted in a tub, and old tub of digones club and beau brummel so I have the soap,. It's just this morning I ordered chiseled face ghost town barber, captains choice bay rum, tiki bar 1920s barber shop. So I'll try, but no promises, and don't judge if I fold, put yourself in my boots.
anyone try mama bear's sandalwood? i have a sample that seems to have a weakish scent. how would you rate the strength of scent of the full puck?


Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
I don't have the straight Sandalwood among my 20 MBs, but the Sandalwood Vanilla is a good strong scent. All of my MBs have a strong full scent. I've had a few samples, I think they tend to not be strong, mainly due to the sample being so small.
Ready to go! Might get an early start tomorrow since I finished a different tub today. Maybe I'll get one random shave with another product tomorrow...
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