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Making Shave Soap

I've never made a shave soap before so I figured I'd post up what I'm contemplating for a recipe and see if anyone has any suggestions.
Tallow- 30%
Stearic Acid-25%
Coconut Oil-15%
Castor Oil-14%
Kokum Butter-8%
Hemp Oil-8%
Using a 60/40 of KOH to NaOH
The only thing I was thinking of changing in it was reducing the percent for kokum butter and hemp oil and maybe fully removing kokum as it is the only one on the list that i cant get locally. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated
I've actually already saw and read through those threads. The second one linked is especially helpful. This was another one that seemed to have a lot of good information in it. I mainly wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions as to what I might have to change before i spend the time/money to make this soap.
If you really want a shaving soap making overload go to Soap Making Forum and find the discussion there. It's about 800 posts. Really worth your while if you're getting into it though. If you want the post PM me and I can give you a direct link. Not sure if posting to other forums is frowned upon here so I just won't do it.

If I ever end up with making something half decent I'm sure I'll have more than enough to distribute samples, can't just be shaving with what i made when i have perfectly good pucks of MWF and B&M sitting around. Whenever I get around to making it I'll post the results.
I read a lot about making shave soap and even planned out a formulation (I'd be happy to dig it out) and held off mostly out of indecision about whether to allow for a softer soap to get better skin condition or go for a harder formula that I really wanted.

You could bump up the tallow and steric acid, pre-saponify the tallow with NaOH then add everything else. In theory you could get a good shave aquality soap that is pretty hard that way. Your ratios and first 4 fats are pretty good choices.
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