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Making pull ups easier - really!

In the past when I exercise I can find a lot of stuff to do besides pull-ups, like cleaning the toilets. Man, those are like the third rail in working out - don't even go there. Right? The gym I go to during the week has amazing trainers and members of all ages with bodies of all sizes. I have usually been able to do a couple pull-ups and that is about it. But then...

(Cue the theme song from "Jaws.")


A conversation with a young lady half my age ensued. She described how she could not do even one pull up. So her self-assignment was to do just one. Starting with a heavy rubber strap under her foot she could just do one. Then eventually she was able to do one with no rubber strap helping her - a real pull up. Squaring her shoulders just a bit she said now she can do six pull-ups. With a big smile I congratulated her, gave her a high five and... walked off.

My gosh, man! Where is your pride?? She can whip you in pull ups big time - don't you care? Oh how fragile the male ego can be, eh?

A week or so later The Captain had installed a pull up bar in the garage. And the work began. Just this morning I was able to barely do that sixth pull-up. Now I find myself avoiding her - I don't want to know. She can probably do seven now.

So here is how they get easier. AOM is a great resource. I get their email each day - good stuff in there for guys, highly recommended. Here is the article that applies to all forms of exercise although written for pull-ups. And it works!

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