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    I have something of a Hai Karate fixation. Ever since I was a teenager in the 90s i have been after this elusive relic. Somehow I got it in my mind that it was the most pimp-tastic fragrance around, something everyone from John Shaft to Elvis would have doused themselves with and strutted around in a cloud if self-assuredness careless of whether anyone liked it or not. However, in 2018, I just can't bring myself to pay $75 for it.

    Why? Because I know myself. I would hoard it and only wear it on special occasions, depressed in spite of myself at the dwindling levels of juice left in the bottle.

    So I came up with a solution. I got a sample vial from ebay for $12.00, and put all of my brainpower into decoding its secrets. It wasn't difficult, because the scent itself is extremely derivative of two other fragrances. In essence, Hai Karate is a cheap knockoff of two other fragrances: Canoe and Jade East.

    So I followed my nose and mixed these two colognes. I put 2/3rds modern Canoe into a bottle and 1/3 modern Jade East, both available on the internet. Then I smelled the mixture side by side with Vintage HK. I had matched the scent somewhere in the neighborhood of 90%, the only difference being a slightly less potent drydown.

    That's it. Very simple.

    I also bought the imitation roll on oil sold on ebay as well as Masters "focus" aftershave, itself a knockoff of HK. All of those in combination makes a fragrance even more potent than the original vintage HK.

    So now I have an almost unlimited source for Hai Karate and can wear as much as I want whenever I want. It's amazing!

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  1. my uncle still has a small shelf with a few half used bottles of the typical 70s and 80s era scents. I've taken splashes here and there over the last few months since i've become more interested in face always feels awful after messing with that vintage crap, all his bottles have the same ultra perfumey alcoholy kinda smell and i know 100% they are original authentic stuff that hasn't been opened in over 20 years.

    i know alotta people here like old colognes and aftershaves but i think that everything has to have an expiration date at some point, it's doesn't seem right splashing liquid that's 40 years old onto your skin, especially after a shave when you need something really cleansing and healing. Also i'd feel really weird using someone else's aftershave from ebay or a thrift store, how the heck do ya know what's really in there or what it's been thru or how the ingredients have morphed over the years?

    Last week in the back of a cabinet, i found a bottle of my dad's Old Spice fresh scent that came in the clear glass bottle from the early 1990s, the bluish greenish concoction still smells kinda like i remembered it, but it has globules of a weird oily black ooze from the X-Files floating around in it, so i definitely won't be using any of that. I showed it to my dad and he said - i'm sure it's still ok to drink it. LOL

    If you have a modern alternative that you're happy with then that's awesome and probably much safer for your health, don't drive yourself nuts looking for vintage hai karate, it's not worth the trouble
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  2. just wanted to add/clarify...i'm not knocking hai karate or the other vintage scents, i agree those were great in their time, that's why they were so popular ...i just worry that these old juices have probably turned slightly over the decades and probably aren't very good for anybody to use anymore and we should all be looking for more modern alternatives and it's great that found you one. My personal soft spot is for the vintage shulton old spice original, and my uncle's bottle of that even smells a little off to me from my memories of when it was new.
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  3. *edit - above line should read - ...and it's great that you found one :thumbup1: typo made me sound like yoda up there... :a17:
  4. Be careful how you use your sample.
  5. That is an excellent point, Jay. If I knew more about chemistry I could probably point out some chemical reaction that would occur over time. But most people know that nothing ever stays the same forever, and I am sure it can turn.

    My only vintage that I actually wear from time to time is Brut Actif Blue. I have never had a problem with it. It's also not from the 1960s!

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  6. Nice!

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    Isn't Avon "Tai Winds" also a close copy?

  8. I scored this a few months ago, it's absolutely fantastic.. leather, lemon and sandalwood..

    thumbnail (1).jpg
  9. That's what I've heard, in that realm anyways.. I can't imagine anyone wearing it being chased down like that :austin1:
  10. Oh man, that does sound great!
  11. Looks awesome! Never heard of that one
  12. Well, you'd have to know what's in it, really. The vast majority by weight of the contents of a bottle of scent in alcohol-based splash or spray format is perfumer's alcohol and water, which doesn't degrade and also kills many of the bugs that might attack the product. Whatever emollient might be in the bottle may or may not degrade, you'd have to check the MSDS. That only leaves the fragrance oils themselves, and you'd think that if they are degrading the scent would be affected also.

    Now I wouldn't expect to get a lot of life out of the modern balms with an ingredients list longer than your arm - you should be buying those new - but an alcohol based splash or spray should maybe hold up okay as long as it wasn't exposed to too much heat. TBH, if you are looking for cleansing and healing in your aftershave, an alcohol based splash of any vintage may not be your best choice anyway. :)
  13. I have a vintage stash of Brut, (mostly NOS) and it is still good IMO.

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