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Making a play straight razor for grandson


I have tried to get someone to make a play razor for my grandson, but alas, no one seems interested in the job. No worries, figured I'd make him one myself.
Just gonna fit a dull piece of acrylic in some funky scales and I think he will love it. He already enjoys his morning shaves with his Omega S-Brush and bowl. But I think he needs something a tad more upscale than a tongue depressor to use as a razor. So...
Do any of you guys have a serviceable set of scales that are not good for putting on a straight and maybe a couple micro fasteners? Or can steer me in the right direction to find the materials?
The grandson needs a better kit I think. Thanks....



Not sure Mom and Dad would warm up to that idea...not sure I would either but it may be an option.
My wife found this toy razor at the dollar store years ago. My little guys love using it.
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also a couple popsicle sticks pinned together with another one cut to shape might be a good idea too.
Googled for it and found an image but it's of an old product no longer found searched for about 15 min gave up...here's the image... bf69f1c5005b7c6a4a44537e1e94b49a.jpg I tried!


So...if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain.
Not that Herr Aust, Brian Brown, or the guys at Koraat or Boker have anything to worry about, but it will work fine for a six year old. Shave ready too. Amazing what you can do with some tongue depressors, Dremel, and spray paint. F4A2F036-61CF-40B5-AC7E-662ACA73E80F.jpeg