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“Magic” Sputnik blade?

This morning I finished my 8th shave with a Sputnik blade - this is very unusual for me as pretty much every blade I’ve tried only lasts for 2-4 shaves. The only blades I get a slightly longer use from are Astra SP, which usually last around 5 shaves before giving up, or injector blades which last for around 10 uses.

As far as I can tell I haven’t changed any aspect of my prep work, the only thing I can think of is that I now shave the toughest hairs (on the chin and neck) more WTG, whereas previously I would just shave straight down. Previous method I felt had a lot of resistance when shaving downward so I started going more east to west/west to east which seems to have reduced the resistance significantly.

Would following the grain more closely on the first pass result in less resistance to the blade and consequently less wear of the blade? Or have I just got lucky with this particular blade?

How many shaves can you guys get from a Sputnik?

I may bin this blade after today, as I did have a few ‘weepers’ , but otherwise the shave was fine.




Dances with Wolfs
Sputnik blades are great! Sharp and smooth. Too bad they are so hard to get now. I don’t really push my blades too far, but I could see these lasting to 8 shaves if you push them there. As you mentioned you did get some weepers on your last shave. So you can cork the blade, or palm strop it to smooth it back out, or toss it. I usually toss my blades after three shaves just because. However, I am running a Personna 74 right now with 12 shaves on it. Shaves are getting better each time. Those are the real magic blades. The last p74 where I tracked number of shaves got binned after two revolutions of a d20 die. So 40 shaves. And that was only because I got bored of counting. I only count shaves on very rare occasions. Like when I use a vintage blade known for longevity. Magic. Enjoy the Sputniks. They will be as rare as p74’s soon.
I got half a carton of Sputs from an ebay lot a while back.

haven't had the chance to try one out yet but it sounds like they're good blades.

I routinely get 7-10 shaves on most blades so I may not have any specific input beyond occasionally I run across a blade that just keeps trucking for reasons unknown.

So enjoy the Sputnik. At one point I liked these the best of any still in production blades from the PPI plant.


Dances with Wolfs
It is a USSR brand that was purchased by Gillette, now made in the St. Petersburg factory.
They may be out of production now if the rumors are true. I heard these were on their way out even before the “troubles”.
As an update guys I had another shave yesterday afternoon with the same blade, that will make it 9 shaves! And the blade is still going strong, no weepers or even a hint of irritation when I put on the Jovan musk after shave.

I’m out of town at the moment and limited to a cartridge razor but I’m sure the blade will still be usable when I get back so might just push it to see just how long it’ll last.

Only thing I noticed is that the shave doesn’t last as long, I usually get a good 8 hours from most blades but after about 5/6 uses this has gone down to around 4/5 hours.
Hello everyone. Indeed, Sputnik are excellent blades. I shave with one blade 4-5 times without loss of sharpness. Of course, it is quite easy to buy them in Russia. Even in some shops near the house.
In the photo, Sputnik blades produced by Gillette and a pack of blades produced in the Soviet Union.

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