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    I really like the look of a particular handle, and realized that both Maggard and WCS carry it, albeit under different names: Maggard MR5 and WCS 84S. Right now West Coast Shaving has the 84S on sale, so all things equal I'm leaning towards that. But I am wondering ... are these the same, or is one shop copying from the other?

    Anyone have both and can comment? Or another example of comparable handles from Maggard and WCS? What is the difference in quality between the two companies' house brands?
  1. Both places are probably getting the handle from the same place in China. Go with the cheaper one. It's just a handle, after all.
  2. I like Maggard...even though they are in Michigan and I have a degree from Ohio State.

    I guess it is just a Big Ten thing.
  3. I like Maggard, West Coast Shaving has changed hands since the old days don't think John is around anymore, but haven't heard a bad word about them. And I'm a Buckeye by birth, but a Michigander now. My guess is they are the same thing. I've one Maggard's handle & it is stellar, and I know they will correct any problems on delivery. Oh, and they ship uber-fast
  4. Yes. When I ordered something from them a few months ago, I must've "double-clicked" on something. I got a phone call, not a text or email, but a call, asking, "You sure you want two of these?" It was a nice touch. WCS may be just as good. I just have no experience.
  5. That was my guess. Thanks!
  6. Good to know. I was also leaning towards WCS since it appears they've been around longer. But I read only great things about Maggard's customer service (and also one thing about its superior shipping speed versus WCS).
  7. Thanks. Always nice to hear specific examples like this. With customer service, it's the little things. :)
  8. It will take forever to get in touch with them by phone
  9. Maggard’s is still a family owned business and their customer service is second to none.
  10. +1
  11. Honestly I like maggard better than wcs due to issues I had w/wcs product that was in resolved and the fact that a review I posted was removed even though I had posted positive reviews on other product I prefer to deal with companies that will let all reviews be posed and who fix issues and maggards is the better company
  12. I have used both companies and Maggards ships faster. Could be because I am just 3 hours away in Ohio. I had an issue on an order with WCS and they fixed it right away. So no negative experience with either.
  13. Maggard is a great company. Superb customer service and always fast shipping. WCS is different now than when I started in the hobby in 2011. I do appreciate their efforts in putting out videos as well as doing some great collaborations with companies allowing for pre orders of hard to get items.
  14. How about Stirling? They sell a similar handle to the 84S and its machined in the USA.

    And this is coming from a Californian. While I have had good experiences ordering with both companies, I tend to lean towards Maggard nowadays. Although they sometimes do not have the best prices, the $ minimum for free shipping is lower, they ship super fast (and I'm across the country and ironically closer to WCS which ships from the EAST coast too), service is great, and I avoid those pesky CA taxes (always a plus). I used to order from WCS often when I started out but after they removed their shave bucks program the incentive was lost.
  15. It is a B1G thing. tOSU is my second choice to beat UM every year, right behind my Spartans. "This will never be over."
  16. Strong endorsement from a Buckeye!! :a17::a17:
  17. Lots of strong endorsements for Maggard's. Nice to hear everyone's experiences. The comments about pricing (not always the cheapest), customer service (attentive and personalized), and shipping (lightning quick) are all pretty consistent with what I have read elsewhere.

    And since I have no bone in that particular fight, I will avoid commenting on Michigan vs tOSU. I gather it's almost like Crips and Bloods. Safer for me way over here.
  18. Ooh, I'm definitely good with something made in the USA. I'll look into this, but primarily just want the handle. Outside of Blackland and Timeless, which have some of the most gorgeous designs IMO, I think I might prefer to go the Frankenstein route with a couple of heads and handles.

    Huge thanks for the recommendation.
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    I havent placed an order with WCS but I've had several from Maggard without any issues. They also have an inexpensive international shipping option, if needed.

    Maggard also carries Timeless and ATT handles.

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